Dragon Ball Body Paint Is Only Freaky If You Smile

Dragon Ball Body Paint Is Only Freaky If You Smile

Video: Here, we have body paint wizard Kay Pike once again showing off her amazing skills. The cel shading looks straight out of a Dragon Ball anime. The opening her eyes and smiling does not!

Pike made the little prosthetic Piccolo antennae herself, and they certainly help complete the effect. Impressive work.


    Never been so aroused and confused by Piccolo in my life.

      Really? Eh, this is probably 3rd most for me.

      Her other stuff looks pretty amazing btw. For a less confusing one, have a look at her Rogue.

      Last edited 20/05/16 5:50 pm

        Lol, I actually did after commenting, I went and checked out the whole Facebook page, some good stuff in there for sure.

    It seriously freaks me out how talented and hard working Pike is. Not only technically, but also streaming, chatting and of course painting on herself for 12 hours plus at a time. I get fatigued watching YouTube for more than 2 hours straight, let alone concentrating on painting myself for 12 hours. Goddamn, that's just mental.

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