Dragon Ball Body Paint Is Only Freaky If You Smile

Dragon Ball Body Paint Is Only Freaky If You Smile

Video: Here, we have body paint wizard Kay Pike once again showing off her amazing skills. The cel shading looks straight out of a Dragon Ball anime. The opening her eyes and smiling does not!

Pike made the little prosthetic Piccolo antennae herself, and they certainly help complete the effect. Impressive work.


    • Really? Eh, this is probably 3rd most for me.

      Her other stuff looks pretty amazing btw. For a less confusing one, have a look at her Rogue.

      • Lol, I actually did after commenting, I went and checked out the whole Facebook page, some good stuff in there for sure.

  • It seriously freaks me out how talented and hard working Pike is. Not only technically, but also streaming, chatting and of course painting on herself for 12 hours plus at a time. I get fatigued watching YouTube for more than 2 hours straight, let alone concentrating on painting myself for 12 hours. Goddamn, that’s just mental.

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