Fan Restores World Of Warcraft’s Oldest Zones

Fan Restores World Of Warcraft’s Oldest Zones

Quel’Thalas was added in 2007, but never got the facelift that other, older zones received in 2010. And while there are no plans to revamp anything in these parts of Azeroth, YouTuber Hayven played with the idea for the duration of a short clip. Hayven restored the Blood Elf starting zones Eversong Woods and Ghostlands, and it’s not just better models and textures but an actual restoration of the devastated landscape, similar to what Blizzard’s doing with Stormwind Park in Legion.

The result is more like a Machinima than actual modding, obviously you can’t just replace stuff in an MMO, but as a fan video it’s absolutely great.

With the rebuilding of Stormwind Park, I thought it would be fun to imagine how Quel’thalas would look if it was actually restored. A revamped Silvermoon/Eversong is something that many players ask for but sadly time seems to stand still in the elven lands. Anyway, I decided to play around with the map and see what it could look like if it got some love. This is a showcase of a bit under 10 hours of work – which means what you see is FAR from done.


  • As nice as it is, I am confused why they placed fully grown trees in the Dead Scar. If it’s meant to show pre-Scourge then fine, but I’m gathering Hayven is updating based after Deathwing. In that case the Dead Scar should just have saplings in the zones.

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