Here’s Another Reminder Why Bastion Isn’t A Problem

Here’s Another Reminder Why Bastion Isn’t A Problem

People love to hate on Bastion, Overwatch’s bird-friendly sentient robot. Not because of the bird, of course, but because of his massive, seemingly overpowered turret.

Thing is, that turret is pretty deadly when it comes to friendly fire.

Blizzard has been saying it for ages: there are plenty of ways to deal with Bastion and his Turret Of Death. And one of the best ways is to use Genji’s Deflect ability, which basically transforms Bastion from an immobile whirling dervish into a hilarious demon of self-destruction.

If you’re clever and patient enough with your timing, you can even use Bastion’s penchant for self-flagellation on its teammates. Allow Spacewolf423 to demonstrate.

See? Bastion’s not so scary now.


  • Not a convincing argument when they are in overtime before the first checkpoint probably being torn apart by him 3-4 minutes prior.

  • I still dislike the fucker because he seems to get a play of the game for sitting still and pressing his mouse button at a convenient moment when a bunch of people step into view.

    • Unlike the ults of Pharah, McCree, Reaper, S76, Hanzo, etc? Essentially the whole game is positioning and well timed clicks.

      • The ults are timed thing however, you just don’t get it on tap. Bastion gets a ‘kill everybody’ mode at his disposal at any moment, everybody else has to wait for a percentage gauge to fill up before they even get to consider doing something similar.

  • Off the top of my head, here’s some handy Bastion counters.
    D-Va – She can play distraction and block his shots.
    Genji – Deflect, you’ve seen it. Running right at him will bait him so hard.
    Pharah – She has a rocket launcher. 2 – 3 hits to take one out. If he’s shooting you out of the air, don’t fly high and flank from any direction.
    Mei – Ice Wall. You can also snipe him from medium range with right click.
    Soldier 76 – Tri-rockets
    Symmetra – Right click orb shot. Takes a while and he might move but it scares him off. Goes through shields if someone’s covering him.
    Winston – Risky but you can jump right on him.
    McRee – Shoot at him from behind a shield.
    Hanzo – Ulti, he can’t get out in time if you aim it at him. Bonus if he’s not looking in the direction you fire from.
    Widowmaker – Long distance sniping, duh.

    • Theirs also reinhardt, his charge grabs him out of turret form and one shots him against the wall, only doable if he takes the low ground. or for some reason your flanking the high grounds…

      Also roadhog, his hook grabs him out of turret form, followed by a shotgun blast.

      • Yep, I can attest to that, having been on the receiving end of a hook last night 🙁

  • I snuck up behind a Bastion in turret form and killed it with Mercy. He ain’t that scary

    • I was actually dangerously close to being taken out by Mercy as Reinhardt. I didn’t bother putting my shield up and just ran after her, swinging my hammer. Damn near died as a result…

      • Yeah, that actually happens a fair bit. Players just assume that Mercy isn’t a threat and sometimes they ignore them completely.

  • the only thing I dont like about Overwatch is the idea you have to stop playing what you find fun, in order to take the fun away from someone else. thats moronic on SOME levels. Sure its nice to swap characters but when balance is only achieved not through skill but stop playing what want to play its a bit stupid.

    My only problem is bastion is when there are more than two of them, especially with the way all maps are designed to have bottlenecks. and the over powered sentry guns of whats his face. which are too fast and too precise and far too often to be interesting. its like giving someone a massive inputless auto-aim

    • Ugh, we had to try to take the second Temple of Anubis objective last night and ran into a nest of 2 Bastions defended by a Reinhardt, a Mercy, a Widowmaker and a Torbjorn. Needless to say, we didn’t make it.

      • Ryu-Ga waka teki wo Kauru!
        Justice rains from above!

        I had that same problem. Ended up shooting the wall behind them with Pharas rocket launcher and got ’em both.

  • so blizzard says when bastion is on the opposing team dont play the way you want take hanzo. fuck off

    • Or take Reinhardt to charge him. Or take Junkrat to pelt him with grenades from out of line of sight which kill him before he can transform and move, or hit him with a tire-bomb. Or Zarya to do the same with black hole. Or any of the snipers (Widow/Hanzo) who can either one-shot or nearly-one-shot+double-tap. Or Soldier 76 who can pop out of cover for a fraction of a second to missle-pod or use his ult to fire in the vague general direction with homing bullets, from behind cover. Or Mei who can drop a wall past the choke point to let everyone flank freely. Or McCree who can high-noon one-shot. Or Reaper who can teleport behind Bastion and point-blank shotgun-pistol him. Or Roadhog who can hook-chain bastion out of turret mode and point-blank shotgun. Or Genji to reflect him to death or wall-climb out of the line of fire and drop down behind for a backstab. Or Pharah jetting into the sky to unleash her rocket-barrage which will kill Bastion before he can transform to move out of the way of it.

      Or we could say ‘fuck you’ to encouraging switching entirely and make it so no character will ever be at a disadvantage against any other character, chasing an impossible dream of perfect balance that results in theorycrafters determining which ‘balanced’ hero has been nudged over the line into OP and becoming the flavour of the month in an endless game of cat and mouse, nerfs and buffs that move the goalposts forever?

      No. Blizzard doesn’t need to fuck off. You need to learn how to play more than one hero. Blizz have made it very clear repeatedly that it is a hero-switching game. That’s the primary reason it’s not a F2P game – all the heroes need to be unlocked for you to switch between.

      • I agree with this. And it’s not like you need to learn 20+ heroes and switch to each one. I honestly think a small diverse roster is enough to get by. I personally go with Hanzo, Mcree, Reinheardt and Mercy and that makes me versitile enough to fit into any team.

      • Bastion is too absolute. You either counter him straight up or you literally cannot progress. This is radically different from every other hero save Trobjorn.
        You won’t ever go “oh, they have a Tracer, I MUST switch to…” or “They have a Widowmaker, we HAVE to HAVE X…”. Countering these heroes is a bonus, and is mostly done in cases where the player on the other team playing them is particularly skilled and needs to be stopped. With Bastion it is not so. At every skill level, you WILL need a hero dedicated to removing him or not be able to progress at all.
        In video game balance terms it’s called “overcentralization”. Basically the focus is entirely on removing him to proceed, hence the entire game is halted by him.
        If every hero were like Bastion in that regard then Overwatch would require you to switch to a hero every 10 seconds to counter theirs, then they would do the same ad infinitum. It is unhealthy.

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