History Is Basically A Real Life Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is great. One of the reasons why it's so great is its unpredictability. It subverts tropes, messes with your idea of heroes and villains and generally does a tremendous job of keeping its audience guessing.

Why is that? Probably because so much of it borrows from actual history. And history doesn't follow a plotline, history does whatever the hell it likes.

This video does a great job of illustrating just how much Game of Thrones takes from historical narrative, and I think it's super cool. It adds a real air of legitimacy to the show. It grounds the show in ways we're not used to seeing (in television particularly).

Well worth watching.


    Yeah your history video is great, and Imma let you finish, but The History of Japan was the greatest history related YouTube clip of all time!


      I'm partial to this one (though I wouldn't use it for educational purposes):


    I normally get all my history lessons from http://www.harkavagrant.com/
    Olden times people were really hip with modern lingo, hey.

    Seriously though, real life history is fucking crazy.

    I remember reading a novelization of the Western Schism, as a kid, and telling my Aunt about how she'd probably like this really weird book which was a weird alternate universe story about what if there were 3 competing popes for political reasons. I was impressed by how plausible its description of the lead-up was, but how utterly insane it was as well and how stupid people had to be for that to actually come about. And she was like, "No... that actually happened."

    Another time a teacher wandered past while I had a book open with some pictures of pretty graphic violence and nudity, and was telling my friend this really raunchy, bloody tale, and the teacher was all, "What's all this you're talking about?! What kind of story it that?!" And I had to explain that it was actually a woodcut and the story was about historical records of wars in ancient greece.

    History is nuts.

    There's a really good series of videos about all the really raw, human elements that led up to the tragedy that was The Great War. And you really couldn't make this shit up.

    I wouldn't try to prove too much with a show you happen to enjoy NOW.

    I actually think this kinda lazy. I'm a little bit sick of pure fantasy worlds reusing real-world tropes.

    Go east a bit and you'll encounter darker-skinned people who are similar to your countrymen but a little less civilised. Go further east and you'll have to cross great deserts full of nomads and horseback warriors. Further still and you'll find a strange people practising unfamiliar mystic arts.

    Go north (which is of course a icy wasteland) and you'll meet the savage, fur-cloaked barbarians.

    This isn't exactly a secret. A Song of Ice and Fire was based primarily off the Wars of the Roses, the war of succession between the English houses of York and Lancaster. It's kind of obvious, and he's never made a secret of it.

    Stop the presses. Fiction borrows from history.

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