Of Course There Are Pre-Order Bonuses For The Assassin's Creed Movie

Pre-order pants.

Remember pre-order pants?

Video games have always been a strange place when it comes to pre-orders and Assassin's Creed may be the worst of them.

So it makes perfect sense that the Assassin's Creed movie is proceeding down the same dark path.

Welcome to Kernel, a website that specialises in bringing the pre-order excess of video games to cinema. They are currently having an absolute field day with Assassin's Creed. Feel like paying $1200 for a movie ticket and a scale replica of a crossbow? Kernel has you covered!

Package #1: $US15

This contains a movie ticket, plus script. You know, this isn't too bad actually. Especially if you're into reading scripts or collecting them.

Package #2: $US25

The second package comes with the same stuff, plus a t-shirt.

This is where it starts to get weird.

Sadly this $US50 "carefully curated... historic stroll through Assassin's Creed lore" — which contains (I'm not joking) a baseball cap and a 'Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure' — is completely sold out.

That's the lower end of the scale. Things are about to get pricey.

There's a $US120 package that comes with an Assassin's Creed style hoodie (that apparently looks a bit like a hoodie Fassbender wears in the movie.

The description is amazing:

Ubi Workshop’s fan-favorite Assassin's Creed-inspired hoodies are about to reach yet another level of sophistication with this interpretation of the Callum Lynch hoodie seen in the upcoming movie.

You heard it people, hoodies are about to reach "another level of sophistication".

Package #7: $US600

How do you feel about paying $US600 for a movie ticket, a script and a statue of a guy. Unreal.

Package #8: $US1200

I swear to God Kernel is trying to charge people $US1200 for a movie ticket, a script and a replica bow. I thought pre-order pants were bad.

Kernel crazy list of pre-orders and pre-order bonuses aren't available in Australia — they only deliver to the US and Canada, but we were curious: is this solely a Kernel run thing or are these packages created with the co-operation of Ubisoft and Fox Studios? We asked Kernel.

Turns out everyone's in it together.

"We actually worked very closely with Fox, Ubisoft and New Regency to develop this program for folks (like us) who love a Assassin's Creed and can't wait for the movie," explained a Kernel rep, over email. "We talk (literally daily) with Fox and Ubisoft to make sure fans are getting as close to the action as possible throughout production of the film right up to the film's release and beyond."

I understand there is a market for this kind of thing. Undoubtedly there are fans out there willing to spend this kind of money, but this feels like insanity.

It's stranger than fiction. Stranger than parody. Earlier this year Tim Colwil at Point & Clickbait wrote this satirical post. Turns out he wasn't that far off the mark.


    HAHA a Crossbow??? I can picture people trying to get into a cinema with a crossbow

    Dear god... 1200 on a movie where the odds on it being a total turd are totally working against it. Sheesh.

    You heard it people, hoodies are about to reach “another level of sophistication”.Not just another level, YET another level! Even levelier than all those other levels before it! You're not even grasping just how much sophistication we're dealing with here!

    Wow. That hoodie's hood is huge.

    Also, that's uncanny how close Point & Clickbait called it.

    Also also, thanks for the reminder to go catch up on that. I haven't read it since April. Mmm, humour binge.

    $1,200 ?

    Still cheaper the Event Cinema's! Also better then a novelty movie-soda-cup.

    Okay okay okay, putting on my cinema-going hat for a second.....there's a kernel of a good idea in here.


    To go to the movies these days is largely a group affair, but for the films I want to go and see by myself, yeah I could see myself wanting to support the people involved in making it a bit more. This approach would perhaps allow me to do that.

    For example, you want to see the Babadook, maybe you are then ear-marked to receive the book from the movie. Not necessarily paying for it up-front, but how long until the cinema industry turns into a service industry?

    'I've seen thirty Marvel movies, so my membership means the next one I see will be for free.'


    “We actually worked very closely with Fox, Ubisoft and New Regency to develop this program for folks (like us) who love a Assassin’s Creed and can’t wait for the movie,”

    Completely missing the point of that statement, we shall be delivering all pre-order bonus shit around the time of, or after the release of the movie, and you still have to wait for the movie anyway.

    Come on that Hoodie does give us a pretty good speed boost while we are lining up for the film.

    I still suspect that the film will be unwatchable for the first few days after the film opening because uplay is down

    Jesus Christ! The line between jokes and reality is indeed blurring...

    Um, okay, so these clearly aren't preorder bonuses. There is no bonus for preordering. You're just preordering multiple related things at once.

    You might miss out if you don't preorder, but a lot of things have limited runs that are all presold before actually being released.

    Is there a discounted season pass if I want all of the cross bow, hoddie, statue, vinyl figurine, cap, t-shirt, and script?

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