Off Topic: Yesterday's Episode Of Game Of Thrones

Ironically, I did end up watching Game of Thrones on Foxtel last night.

I thought it was okay. What did you think?

It's always the case with Game Of Thrones — as long as something 'shocking' happens at the end, we tend to forget the 40 or so minutes that came before. Zombie Jon Snow was hardly unexpected. I think we all saw that one coming, but Ramsey being Ramsey was a bit more of a twist. I have to say though — I'm not a fan of children being killed in this show. Personally I just find that a bit hard to take.

What are your thoughts on the season so far?


    It must have been really hard for Arya to turn down that last gift.

    Im still mad Stannis is dead..

      Or is he...?



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      Did you see his body? No. We just watched someone who was stabbed repeatedly to death get revived a few days later. Anything can happen.

        if he was alive id imagine Brienne would have taken him with her but i cant imagine a scenario where she would have spared him :_;

          First episode, Ramsay mentioned rewarding whoever found his body.

            Yeah, I'm torn on this. I don't see Brienne just leaving him there and he isn't with her. But then again, when have they not shown someone being killed?

              None of the bodies were burned were they? Who knows - when the NK comes south enough, the bodies south of the wall may come up, then we'll see Stannis again :)

          But the Red Woman swears she sees him alive, just like Jon. So maybe she is magical.

    As I said last week, definitely should have been a two-part effort. Both this weeks and last would have benefited.

    Can't wait for the actual season opener of the latest season of Game of Thrones next week.

    Also, if this descends into the chaos that Mark's other Thrones Moans(tm) did I'm going to ask that same emotion be put into actual games chat :D

    Jon Zombie was a BIT of a shock, but in the back of everyone's mind I think we knew that was going to happen. It will be interested to see where he goes from here ... is he the same Jern Snerw or is he now a bit mental.

    Ramsay really hammered the 'I'm a stark raving lunatic that couldn't be trusted with a baked potato let alone a kingdom' with the whole attack dog scenario. That was dark, but i mean as much as I don't agree with child culling on general telly, say, in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. In this he did actually have to kill the kid to become king of the north so it was inevitable.

    My only gripe with GoT at the moment is that they have SO many storylines to cover that in a single episode sometimes it feels like nothing really goes anywhere, but this episode had some great new happenings that could make things progress much more quickly. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

      I thought Ramsay was a Bolton raving lunatic? ;P

      I thought Ramsay was legitimized last season so he would have been the rightful heir anyway. Or am I not remembering things right from last season?

        I am not sure about the legitimisation last season but in the last episode (I think it was the last one) it was briefly referred to. It was extremely short, and you would be forgiven for missing it, as it wasn't as played up as this episodes dramatic action should have allowed it to be. I believe the line was something along the lines of "McFuckfuckwit - I'm a bastard" "McFuckWits Dad - Yes, and if yada yada (referring to his wife) has a boy, you know what that means".

        Hence the killin.

    Pregnant wife was squirmy as hell during that scene. It is tough watching children be killed in power plays but it's not unprecedented in history.

    How was the SD def mark ?

      It's at least in 720p with the HD pack on Foxtel.. though it's ridiculous that you have to pay for HD in this decade..

    I think it's becoming (more) clear that the very many threads of an epic fantasy like GoT doesn't translate perfectly to a television series. Over the last couple of seasons, we're seeing that the amount of time dedicated to any of the major story arcs each episode is decreasing. If you think about the last 80 minutes, We've got Castle Black, Sansa/Theon/Brienne/Pod, Arya, Iron Islands, Dorne, King's Landing, Bran, and Merreen. I'd say that we've gotten 15-20 minutes at Castle Black, so that leaves less than 10 minutes for each of the other arcs. I feel that we'd be better off not following all the characters' journeys in the television series - some would make for better spin-offs, either as a mini series or a feature film, and their absence wouldn't ruin the series in the slightest.

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      Hence why I am preferring Vikings over GoT currently. Not as many major plot lines that need to be fit into the show, at least prior to Season 4.

    Overall a great episode, even without the ending it would have been good

    I saw it on Foxtel too. Liked the Bran bits. He's certainly grown during the holidays.
    Ramsay Vader is a crap character though. If I could fast forward through his scenes I certainly would.

    Am I the only one that is disappointed that John Snow didn't remain dead? I think the show has lost some of it's unapologetic, no character is safe story telling.

      I think you should wait to see what it cost him before being disappointed.

        I agree with both of you. Lets wait and see, but I do think Jons revival felt very safe and 'normal' tv which got is much better then.

    You gots the dad feels!

    I enjoyed the episode as we're finally seeing the story move forward. Glad to see some movement in the Bran and Arya threads, which are my favourites.

    Euron was entirely underwhelming, the High Sparrow has no actual understanding of warfare whatsoever and I don't buy Karstark standing by and approving of Roose's murder.

    The writing and directing this episode, however, was miles better than last week's episode, so I enjoyed it overall.

    Even though the majority knew Jon Snow would return, it was more of a surprise to see it happen at the end of this episode, opposed to happening in episode 4 or 5. I half expected it to be a midseason thing

    Yeah that child and mother scene was not right, my wife struggled a bit with it, being a parent does that to ya though.

    Not a bad episode, Jon coming back is as predictable as paying tax so no suprise. Ramsay needs to die a slow and very painful death. I was really hoping the mountain would take on those guards but no doubt it will happen at a later time.

    Does anyone know if this was fan art or something HBO released as i think it may spoil some things or maybe not.

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    I thought Balon was dead already. Didn't he die around the same time as Joffrey with that king's blood spell?

      Negative - we just never saw much more of him since that point.

        I seem to remember him falling off one of those walkways during a storm. Maybe I am getting mixed up with the books or something.

          Yeah I think that scene happened in book 3 via hearsay (we never actually saw who killed him, if anyone).

    The first 30 seconds of the episode had me far more excited than the last 30. The fact that we're getting some backstory during that era has big implications.

    Next week should be good. I'm particularly interested to see how the flashback scene in the preview plays out. Plus I hope Jon gets his vengeance >:)

      Bet Jon forgives them. Well the kid atleast.

        Maybe the kid but heads will roll with the rest of them.

    It's amazing how far TV Series have evolved in terms of quality that people can legitimately whine that this isn't good enough :S

    I really enjoyed the episode, I agree with a previous comment that this should have been a 2 hr episode with E01 but I still liked it, I'm interested to see if JS will be normal now he's back or whether it's even him in the body and not some trick to bring Stennis back or something.

    I have to say though — I’m not a fan of children being killed in this show. Personally I just find that a bit hard to take.

    Don't think anyone is a fan of it (those with a sound mind). But in medievil times (and nature for that matter, lions do it) it sadly isn't unheard of wiping someones seed out to protect thier lineage, which is precisely what Ramsy was doing. At a later date the child could have challenged his claim to rule.

    EDIT: Actually i can't think of any legitimate case of infanticide to protect a claim - pretty sure most of it is in books\movies i've read! Regardless it's a common trope.

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    (Alex: HEAVY SPOILER ALERT, brb sobbing in a corner because I hadn't watched the episode yet)

    I didn't and don't like Jon Snow, I would have loved it if he remained dead. He exists in a world of characters that are supposed to be complicated and he's so utterly boring and predictable. If Ned Stark were still alive the same could have been said about him: you take a character and make them as good as possible and there's nothing that can surprise you after that. You need to mix in either a strong personality or a bit of grey morality to keep them interesting and Snow started to be terribly boring as soon as he took the black, reaching current levels of boring after Ygritte died.

    I just wish he stayed dead.

      <--- in case anyone's wondering where the edit came from

        Oh, yeah, that's fair, I should have added spoiler tags myself, thanks.

        Oh, and huge apologies for the spoiler, figured no-one would read this article if they hadn't, but as a mod I guess you might have read the comments out of context of the article.

          Nailed it in one; not your fault though, these things will happen. I'm planning to watch it tonight, thankfully.

    On the child dying scene I feel they are somewhat trapped: they don't want to show a baby being murdered, but the audience is so rabid that they can't cut the scene short as Ramsey says "I am lord Bolton" because there's always a subset of the audience who (quite fairly in context of the shows cavalier attitude towards the permanence of death) will insist they weren't killed. If the show had a greater respect for the audience as to their ability to understand a less obvious scene in the past the show might have managed to cut long before the final (tremendously uncomfortable) scenes, but they treat their audience as though they were a little stupid in that respect, and probably couldn't get away with it.

    At least the camera panned away this time, I maintain that the red wedding scene in which a pregnant woman (Talisa) is repeatedly stabbed in the stomach is the single most disgusting act of (fake) violence I've ever seen and I don't think it ever should have made it onto TV (if the show runners killed her by slitting her throat or in any way unrelated to the stomach it would have made me a great deal less uncomfortable) and the slight pan upwards onto her face as blood spurts up from below wasn't making the psychological violence of the act any easier to swallow (the psychological impact being the part I considered so disturbing).

    In context of the scene as a whole it might have made more sense to film Robb's reaction instead, which might have been slightly more tasteful, but more importantly in context of the world of the show as a whole it would have made far more sense to capture her and her unborn child to hold the remaining northern forces hostage in some respect and in changing that most deliberately they characterise Frey as a vengeful idiot, which he certainly wasn't meant to be.

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