Remaking DOOM’s Music Requires A Lot Of Cables

Remaking DOOM’s Music Requires A Lot Of Cables

Out of all the criticisms and questions that have been levelled at the new DOOM since the first E3 footage launched, very few of those were targeted at the music. It was visceral, it was hard. It was metal. It had the kind of harsh, aggressive overtones you’d expect a DOOM game to have.

But to make that happen, you need a lot of wires. Lots of wires.

It’s the first part of a behind the scenes series with Mick Gordon, the composer behind the DOOM reboot. You don’t often see as many behind-the-scenes videos with musicians and composers as you do programmers, artists and designers, so it’s good to see Bethesda roll Gordon out in this way.

The video’s fairly simple: Gordon talks about the original MIDI riffs and then plays — showing doesn’t really seem appropriate when you’re playing an instrument — through the changes made for the DOOM reboot. It’s an interesting few minutes, if you’re not doing anything else with your Friday.

Despite my lack of love for the open beta, I’m quite keen to play the campaign some time this weekend. Those at home or able to skip off work early — how are you finding the new DOOM?


  • Wonder if he threw in any “copies” (/tributes?) of existing metal songs in there, kind of a throwback to what the first one did in a few tracks.

  • The year is 2026, music historians acknowledge that, much like Nu-Metal, Djent was just a horrible passing fad. DOOM (2026) is accompanied by a video showing the composer’s process to harness the new trend: Slow-wave R-thrash.

    Regardless of the music quality, that video is just horrible satire.

    • You seem to be lost sir. This is a site for elitist, self-righteous videogame nerds to moan about games they don’t like. Elitist, self-righteous metal nerds belong on MetalSucks or HeavyBlogIsHeavy when they want to moan about music they don’t like.

      • Tried going to HBIH, they said “take your satirical shit elsewhere”, so I came back here.

  • Well to answer Alex’s question the campaign kicks serious arse and the soundtrack fits the setting and tone spot on. But considering i had a man crush on the crew from Skinny Puppy and Trent Reznor in the 90’s i would say that.

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