Riot Is Bringing Cosplay To The OPL Grand Final In Brisbane

Riot Is Bringing Cosplay To The OPL Grand Final In Brisbane

Last year Riot made the decision to host its own huge event rather than continuing to exhibit at conventions like PAX and EB Expo, and the result was the OPL Grand Final at Sydney’s Luna Park. This year OPL is travelling up to Brisbane in August, and bringing with it the best of League of Legends cosplay once more.

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The OPL cosplay contest is a little different from most — there’s no actual winner, per se, but Riot does choose a handful of finalists to make up the ‘showcase’ at the OPL finals in August. Each finalist gets flown to Brisbane for the grand final, with accommodation and tickets to the event included.

Considering how hard it is just to get your hands on a ticket to the finals, it’s a pretty good deal (provided, of course, your costume is something that is easily transportable).

Here’s a look at the costumes that were picked for last year’s event:

If you’ve got your own League of Legends cosplay that you fancy taking up to the OPL finals, you can check out the rules and the entry form here. All you need to enter is a photo or two of you in your costume, and another photo to prove that the costume is actually yours.

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For those who don’t have a cosplay to enter, tickets will go on sale Friday May 27.