Sandbox Survival, Minus The Gravity

Sandbox Survival, Minus The Gravity

Video: Hellion is a sandbox survival game. Only instead of being set on an island or a city, it's set in the depths of space. It's still very early days (the video below is pre-alpha), but I like what I'm seeing so far. Players have full access to their ships and stations, meaning you can get out the airlock, drift across space and enter/board something else. Or... push someone else out into space then leave them there.

It's all very ambitious, but like I said, it's also very early. There's more on Hellion at the game's site.


    Very ambitious looking. The sceptic in me says there's no way it lives up to how good it looks off the back of this. The optimist says this may finally be one of these ARK like games I'm actually interested in.. The sceptic is rarely wrong, sadly.

    Seems decent, I like it when games like this go for REALISM. There are quite a few games like this but their GUI and engine make it feel more like a 2010 game then anything.

    Not sure if you would call this sandbox, I mean it doesn't look like you can make station/ships, its all premade stuff. Also don't see this being overly ambitious, everything seems quite very doable by a small team so far, unless there is building of modular structures/ships in the game that I haven't seen yet?

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    Looks really cool. I've randomly watched Interstellar, Sunshine, Prometheus, Event Horizon and Europa Report recently, am definitely in the mood for a game like this

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