Ten Years Of Gabe Newell Talking About Half-Life 3 Is Depressing To Watch

Ten Years Of Gabe Newell Talking About Half-Life 3 Is Depressing To Watch

Video: Whether it's called Half-Life: Episode 3 or just Half-Life 3, here's a video put together by CrowbCat which collects interviews dating back as far as 2006 in which Valve boss Gabe Newell talks about a game that's never actually coming out.

Gah. I need a drink after that.


    HL was good (not great), but let's be honest, HL3 will/could never ever live up to the unrealistic expectations put on it by the community. It set a benchmark for storytelling, which has been long since surpassed, and gunplay, again, surpassed.

    Unless Gordon Freeman is going to reach through the screen and give me a handjob, I'm pretty sure that we've tapped out of the innovation available to something like Half-Life. In that spirit, I consider it something akin to a not-unpleasant stain on the blanket of gaming history. Let's change the sheets and move on.

    I don't think he realises that in being coy about his project, he's managed to alienate and insult the intelligence of all the fans. That's what really gets me.

    Depressing video.... the HL games were nothing short of amazing when released and I think the open-ended nature of episode 2 has made the lack of a follow up even worse lol..

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    So basically they planned to do it initially but over time that somewhere got cancelled and instead of announcing they were no longer working on it he just went to "no comment".

    Half Life 3 confirmed!

    Still no game.................................................................................

    I don't think any company has ever dropped the ball as badly as Valve has with Half-Life (except maybe Konami, but they seem to have been TRYING to screw up as much as is physically possible so it doesn't really count). They made 2 of the greatest games of all time, reinvented the FPS, left us sitting on a colossal cliffhanger, then just... decided "nah, we're sick of massive amounts of acclaim, success and money, let's just fuck around with Steam". Since The Orange Box gave us the last installment, they've give us Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Portal 2, Dota 2 I guess and... a shitton of hats. Half-Life 3 could have been the biggest game OF ALL TIME, but Valve decided they simply couldn't be bothered making it because Fuck You, Gamers. It's beyond stupid.

      The exact opposite of everything you typed is true

    Got a bad feeling about the next HL game, at least for when it's going to be released. I'm really not sure how it's going to compete with decent fps games that have come out since HL2.....has steam run out of tricks?

    Even though half life is disgusting and creepy and I will never play it, I sympathize with all of you. This video wants me to invite Gabe for an interview then aim a shotgun at his head and ask him what happened to half life, and if he says he has nothing say his head gets blown off. Honestly, if Valve said they would never release any more HL games it would be fine. But their silence is maddening.

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