The Big Question: Android Or Apple?

We've asked this before, but I want to ask it again.

Mainly because I've lost my phone and I want advice! What kind of phone are you currently rolling with: Android or Apple?

I was strictly an Apple dude, then I made the switch to Android with a Nexus tablet. That sold me on getting an Android phone.

Now I think I've lost my phone? Either that or my son has flushed it down the toilet, so I'm in the process of thinking about new phones. What model do you all recommend, and should I stick with Android or go back to Apple with my tail between my legs?



      when ever i see Symbian, the first thing that enters my head is

    Banana because I prefer banana shakes.

      Fun fact: I rename most of my phones to 'Banana Phone'.

        Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!

    I have an's the first and only apple product that I've ever bought and when it dies I won't be getting another apple phone.

    Go android...iPhone is more trouble than it's worth. Hell as the (previous?) owner of one you should know that much already.


      There's always 1 ! Why not throw Blackberry in there for some more lols while you're at it ;)

      Brofist for the most criminally underrated choice. I ditched Android for a Lumia 930 and I'll never go back. I can live without 20 million apps. I'll take a stable, intuitive, good looking OS with strong battery life and seamless integration with my 4 other windows devices.

      I'll stay on WinPhone until Microsoft stops making it.

    HTC 10 looks great.

      I am so excited about HTC 10. It'd be a great upgrade for me and my wife.

        Looks like it will also be the basis for the Nexuses (Nexii?) this year. Will be looking at picking one of those up.

      As someone who was a big HTC fan I got sick of waiting and grabbed the LG G4 instead. Glad I did because the HTC 10 looks really underwhelming

    Oh dear. This might turn into a bloodbath.

    I'll just say Android, and leave it at that. One of the Nexus phones would be your best bet.

    My Nexus 5 is still powering on after 2 or so years. Much prefer android over apple.

    currently on an iPhone 6, will take something monumental to get me back on an android phone. My first 'smart' phone was a windows mobile 5 HTC, then onto an iPhone 3GS, after that was a htc android phone, then back to an iPhone 5, which I sold to get a Samsung Galaxy S5 which basically told me never to have another android phone, was great for a couple of weeks than the slow response, constant crashing and unreliability of the apps I wanted to use got to me, got rid of it for the iPhone 6.

    I know people have great experiences with android phones but the two I have had have left me disappointed.

      I have a Samsung S5, never experienced any of those problems. Admittedly I don't run a lot of apps.

        Had an s5 for two years still kicking on strong

      Yeap I agree with you on the S5. The amount of problems I had with it is what caused me to go back to apple. Haven't had an issue since.

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        Last edited 04/05/16 2:25 pm

          Pfah, your phones are old and crap. I'm using the mega drum-smoke system 2000. It works by sound and smoke. Completely wireless.

          I lolled at wi-fly just a little to hard. nice one.

        You know it is just a pineapple can with a new label right?

        Internals are slightly different but they are all the same look and feel.

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            Was that the Kardashican model i really want to upgrade to that model myself but not sure the extra bling is what i need in my can right now.

    Apple had it's moment in the sun, android is leading the market for a reason. I'm using an samsung s5 and it's never skipped a beat.

      Android "leads the market" because Apple doesn't sell <$99 handsets. ;)

        Indeed, that's one of the many issues that makes Apple lose market shares by the second. Less and less people are falling for their old "We're going to charge you 2-3X for a product that the competition demonstrates actually costs X. But hey, you get the grey little apple logo on it that makes you feel like a superior offshoot clade of the human race!"

        Apple is quickly losing its "hip" artificially aggregated value and since it was, like, the one thing it had over the competition that kept people going back for more, well...

          That's not the point. Apple only competes with other "premium" handsets, Galaxy S7, HTC One, etc. The aggregate figure for Android handsets includes markets in which Apple has no offering. It's a meaningless comparison.

        So you are saying apple support only people with deep pockets........seems logical :-P

    WINDOWS! No, really. I'm on my second windows phone and haven't really had many issues at all. My samsung was filled with bloatware and wasn't anything special for the price

      I also genuinely recommend trying a Windows phone to see how you like it. I'm only on my first but I, my Wife and my Boss all have them and they are quite excellent, especially with the combination of windows 8/10 PCs and Tablets. The only real downside is the app store. Windows still lags behind greatly.

      That said, I still consider the best phone I ever got to have been the HTC I had before this one so I always recommend android over apple though I caution that it always comes down to personal taste so try it and see which you like better.

        I find most people seem to prefer the windows phones when they try it. The apps is the only real let down, but it doesn't bother me that much

          I'm locked into another 18 months of iPhone, but I'm genuinely interested to see if UWP can boost the viability of using Windows Phone and their apps. Hopefully by the time my contract's up I'll be in a good position to make a decision.

            One more who loves their Windows Phone, here.

            Rumour has it that the Lumia line is being dropped this year and there will be a new flagship phone with the Surface branding and design style coming in April. If it ends up being good, you can probably pick one of those up cheap 5 months after release.

          My Windows phone was super fast and slick, but I could do almost nothing that I wanted to do on it. Android has much better customization and better features IMO

    I would say go Android, but be careful which manufacturer you go for.

    My experience with Samsung was atrocious. HTC was marginally better. My current Sony Xperia has been a blast.

      I've never had any issues with Samsung (have mostly owned Samsung phones since whenever the iPhone 3GS was still a big deal) but I have found HTC to generally be of higher quality. They tend to just feel more solid and professional (for lack of a better term) than many Samsung's over the years.
      That said, Samsung is getting a lot better with quality lately and HTC never seem to have what I personally want at the right price/right time now days - which atm is essentially the Samsung Note and its complete lack of competition.

        That's fair enough. In all honesty, the Samsung I used was one their first forays into smart phones, so understandably was riddled with shortfalls.

      Seconding the Xperia rec. Got a Z3 Compact which for a 2 year old phone still has one of the best battery life on the market today. Unfortunately they're not making them anymore, though the Z4 are probably still comparable.

    Had a Nexus 5 until I dropped it... was great. Now using a Sony Xperia Z3 and it's great too.
    Love me some Android.

    Android because they are PC friendly.


    I just switched from my 3 year old Nokia Lumia 920 (WP 8.1), to the Microsoft Lumia 950XL (WP 10) a day ago. The 920 has lasted through being dropped on concrete paths and roads over the 3 years, eventually putting dents and small cracks in the corners of the case, but the screen remained mint and everything still works. The only app not available, that bothers me in the slightest is snapchat. Other than that, I could do without the rest.

    If I had to choose between Android, or Apple, though, I would go Android. It's got the official apps and then it has a rich tapestry of alternatives, if price, or a different taste in functionality is your thing.

    I'm trying to bring back the Brick, rocking the classic Nokia 3310 i found at a flea market. the only downside is that i'm sharing a changeable universal laptop charger with my laptop to power it as it never came with charger :P

      Found my old 3310 the other day, noticed the case seemed to be stuck on and am now worried the battery has already started leaking or something :/

      Only thing that can kill those things seems to be time - once threw a friends at a brick wall multiple times and it didn't seem to make a dent. Eventually after taking the cover off and throwing it over and over, we destroyed the screen, still seemed to work apart from that though - the friend was done with it obviously, I didn't just steal their phone and try break it....

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    Definitely Android, although the OS is very similar these days there is a better range of handsets to choose from. Also I highly recommend the Aviate Launcher.

    Had an iPod touch once, which was enough to make me convinced of my preference for Android. Had a Nexus 5 for a couple of years - no bloatware, no performance problems, no broken screen after dropping it (read: tossing it onto my bed only for it to bounce off and onto the hardwood floor) several times. The worst damage it's seen is the coating on the back of the case is starting to deteriorate - only difference from when I bought it is a few smudged fingerprints and a bit of dust... tho I have had to dig lint out of the charging port a couple of times.


    (Edit: Srsly though, if you care about using your phone to game, get an iphone. Ignore the nerds, devs know where mobile primacy is at. Boom!)

    Last edited 04/05/16 12:10 pm

      But why do that when you could play real games instead? :P

        I think I'd actually need to own my own home to implement the kind of bathroom renovations that would make real gaming a viable proposition in ALL situations. No way is a landlord approving the kind of plumbing changes I'd need to make otherwise.

          Wii U + offscreen play.

          For all those times when you don't feel like playing 3DS.

    There is so little difference in the market these days. Choose a comfortable sized phone in a price range you like and own your decision. I have a Nexus 6P and I love it but I don't judge those who prefer apple

    As someone that's owned phones from the big three camps over the last 8ish years:

    There's nothing of any real significance that Android does that iOS or WinPhone don't do. If you just use your phone to get work done, they're much of a muchness now, get the phone you like the outward appearance of, or that has the most attractive plan from your telco.

    OTOH, if you're the kind of person for whom the tweaking, modding, hacking of the device is the main attraction, then of course Android is where you'll end up. If you absolutely must carry the entire 8-bit console library+emulators with you at all times, then you're the edge case to which the competitors do not cater.

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