This Amputee Gamer Has An Arm Inspired By Metal Gear Solid

Four years ago James Young lost his left arm after falling in between two train carriages.

Now Konami has helped build him a replacement for that arm, inspired by Big Boss and Metal Gear Solid. It’s insane.

It started with an advertisement. Konami was looking for amputees for an experiment. 60 people applied and James was eventually selected. The idea was simple: build a cutting edge bionic arm inspired by Big Boss’s arm in Metal Gear Solid V. Arguably a bizarre marketing stunt, but the end result has been powerfully positive for James.

James can control the arm using muscle signals. He can shake your hand, he can pick up coins. A smart watch is embedded in the arm, it has USB ports to charge devices. It sounds amazing. This arm has changed his life, and it could change the lives of others. It cost roughly $120,000 to make.

The above BBC documentary is absolutely fascinating and is a definitive look at both the technology and James’s life with the new arm. James also did a Reddit AMA where he talks more about his situation. He also has a GoFundme fund-raising campaign designed to help improve the technology.

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