Battlefield 1 Gets An Explosive New Teaser Trailer

World War I, in my opinion, is one of the most fascinating conflicts in all of human history, so I'm actually super excited about Battlefield 1.

Here is a sneak look at its multiplayer component. Things explode a lot.

It's 'in-game' footage.


    It's a bit disingenuous to show a giant Xbox logo immediately followed by PC quality graphics. Although if they can pull off those graphics on a console I'm happy to be corrected.

      It has a little message at the end about the graphics being "Representative of Xbox one". I honestly don't think the graphics looked that great, smoke at the start looks average, draw distance is shallow and textures on the guys running at each other are pretty basic. Would expect a lot more from PC.

        "Representative" That's the bit that does it for me I guess. If I built a PC with the same components used in an Xbox One, overclocked them, then used the in-game engine to render a 10 square foot area does that count a representative?

        Just kidding its DICE not Ubisoft, honestly if they can make it look this nice at a decent frame rate I'd consider getting it on console because that's where my mates are.

        I suppose another possibility is that this is running on the new Xbox One v2 or PS4.5 or whatever they're called. I'd assume they'll be announced at E3 to coincide with all these nice trailers

      "PC Quality graphics" (when spec'd down to an xbox level)

    I'm sorry but I'm quite cynical about this one. I know it was inevitable but there's so much that can go wrong with a game about WW1. It's simply the way I feel - as Mark says, fascinating is one word to describe it but that's being charitable.

      Calling it World War 1 ingame is one thing

    A teaser trailer for a trailer ffs...

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      Things is, it works. They showed nothing and yet here we all are, talking about the game.


    Every time you preorder, a feature gets removed.

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