Cartoon Network’s New Justice League Series Is Bigger Than We Expected

Cartoon Network’s New Justice League Series Is Bigger Than We Expected

When Cartoon Network finally announced Justice League Action, the long-rumoured new series that would face the daunting task of following up on the iconic Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, many expected it to take a hard focus on DC’s trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. But it looks like the show’s roster will be wider and weirder than anyone expected. The original teaser art from Justice League Action — which will run in 11-minute episodes and feature the voice talents of Mark Hamill, James Woods and Diedrich Bader — teased an eclectic cast to join Clark, Diana and Bruce, with sketches of Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Zatanna and many others peeking out of the background. But new full colour artwork that debuted at Kre8tif Conference 2016 over the weekend has revealed our best, blurry look yet at even more heroes and villains that will appear whenever the show actually starts airing.

It’s not the best look, but we can still make out a few obvious (and less obvious) characters here. Here’s a zoomed-in version of just the art:


There’s some more obvious characters you can spot there — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Lobo, Martian Manhunter and Shazam, to name a few. Then some cool surprise additions like Doctors Light and Fate, the Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle, Big Barda, Firestorm and what might be Swamp Thing on the far left of the second row. But there’s definitely a few in there that we can’t quite put our fingers on. If you can identify some of the mysterious figures, let us know in the comments!

[Bleeding Cool]


  • Blue Beetle, Riddler*, Mr Terrific*, Shazam, Killer Frost*, Sinestro*, Joker
    Clay Face*, Fire Storm, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter
    Big Barda, Kent Nelson*, Harley Quinn, Hawkman, Lobo, No Idea, and there’s a Camera in front of his face. Lex Luthor?*

    * means I’m unsure, and that’s a best guess.

    • Pretty good, but I’d say that Mr Terrific is Doctor Fate, and that Killer Frost is Doctor Light. Don’t think the bottom 2nd left is Kent Nelson, because he’s Doctor Fate, but I can’t think of anyone else.

  • Blue Beetle (Jaime) ; RIddler* ; Dr Fate ; Shazam ; Dr Light (Kimiyo) ; yellow Mr Terrific / no-symbol Sinestro* ; Joker

    Swamp Thing / Clayface* ; Firestorm ; Bats ; Supes ; WW ; MM

    Big Barda ; Ra’s* ; Harley ; Hawkman ; Lobo ; Blaze* ; maybe Lex, but grey? hands might mean Black Mask*

    • Now that you mention it yes, 3rd on the top is Dr Fate, and I’ll also back Ra’s and Black Mask. Honestly the red on the cape kind of fooled me, I’m not very familiar with Dr Fate outside the Cartoons (Mostly Brave and the Bold and Young Justice) and he’s usually Blue, Yellow and Gold.

      I do think it’s Sinestro on the top, Black and Yellow costume with Purple skin.

      I’d love to see Swamp Thing in there but I believe Clayface is a more likely Character.

  • Looks like a JLA version of what The Batman cartoon was. That was a decent series, but a bit too childish. Shame that the only cartoon that appealed to both kids and adults was BTAS.

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