Civilisation VI Makes America Great Again

Civilisation VI Makes America Great Again

As America faces an uncertain future, there's comfort to be found in looking to the past with Civ VI's choice for the game's US leader: Teddy Roosevelt.

America has long been a Civ mainstay, but its leaders have always been drawn from a small pool: Lincoln and Washington for the most part, with one-off appearances by FDR, his wife Eleanor and Kennedy.

Well, the series now has its third Roosevelt, with Teddy leading America into the first new Civ game since 2010's Civ V. I like it! The guy fits the bill...he was in politics, explored the unknown wilderness, served in the army, built a navy...pretty much the only Civ-like he didn't do was build the Pyramids and drop a nuke on India.

The decision was actually part of the game's reveal, but this trailer below gives us a closer look at how he and America will shape up.

It looks like Firaxis and 2K are going to be dropping Civ IV's leaders like Smash Bros. reveals, which is hilarious.



    Yikes, this looks like it will be coming out on iPad.

      it's kind of grown on me, after watching the same E3 footage multiple times

      it does feel very cartoon ish though I admit

        I just worry they are going to remove depth.

        I would be very surprised if this artistic choice was not made with the goal of this being the first real civ on iPad.

          If you haven't already watched some footage, take the time to do so. I am definitely more interested than when I first saw footage. I agree that the thought of dumbing down scares me, but listening to the reasoning behind game changes makes sense so far. I also noticed there is a LOT of info in the HUD! So yeah, remains to be seen if it is dumbed down or not ^_^

          While the art style isn't really what I like at all either (though honestly if they just desaturated it a bit it would probably look far better), my fears for the game itself have been pretty well put to rest as everything I've heard from developer interviews and E3 footage has made it sound like it's going to be pretty great with a lot of new features that hopefully will work great in practice as well as theory.

          Last edited 21/06/16 5:19 pm

      Gaming lately, especially strategy games seem to be adopting MOBA visual styles. Which is all about being able to identify what you are looking at in the quickest amount of time.

        What on Earth is a "MOBA visual style"?

          I think a more accurate term would be Warcraft art style as DotA was built from Warcraft III and most of the popular MOBAs have copied that look.

          Bright colours for units, units appear to "pop" in the game world

    *Raises hand*

    Question, how come Hitler is never in Civilization?

      Because only people who have done something wrong get to be in Civ Games.

      I wonder if Civ 6 will be like some of the others where it doesn't really managed to be on par with it's immediate predecessor until at least the first expansion (or more!). Just thinking about it reminds me how salty I was when Civ 5 lacked animations in multiplayer for an inexcusably long time.

      Maybe Firaxis just can't figure out how to design a civ more evil than Gandhi.

      They tend to prefer Bismarck because Bismarck was actually more important than Hitler was. He was a diplomat that basically took the German states and forged them together into an empire, as well as basically using diplomacy to keep Europe from erupting into war for over thirty years. Hitler was a tyrant and a conqueror who ran out of steam in a decade, but unlike Bismarck he didn't have a long-term vision for the region or the ability to handle diplomatic crises the way Bismarck could. Presumably they'll have him back in Civ 6.

    Um, America's pool of leaders small? America has had a larger selection of leaders across all the games than every other Civ, despite being technically speaking the youngest "civ". India only ever gets Ghandi. Chinese with its 5000 year civ has only seen 3 leaders, and again with VI we get cliche'd first emperor (at least we're not geting chairman Mao). But hey, Murica or something right...

      Germany is the youngest civilisation that's been in since the beginning, essentially forming in 1871. Their leader in the first game, Fred II, was actually a Prussian and predated Germany by about 130 years.

      I'm guessing the subtext is that America's pool of cool leaders is small. ;)

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