Cult Classic Horror Game D Now Available On GOG


Chances are only hardcore horror fans remember D, but thankfully, there’s a new way to play it; the game just came out on PC!

Night Dive Studios, who continues to do yeoman’s work in pulling games from the past into the present, has quietly released D onto GOG. I’m told the game will eventually be launching on Steam and Humble Bundle, too.

The GOG version is also available for Mac and Linux.

Originally released on the 3DO, D was one of the doomed platform’s few exclusives before it was ported to everything under the sun. The FMV horror game was designed by Kenji Eno, who we tragically lost in 2013.

Video Credit: GrandMasterScottay

D is just one of games that Night Dive Studios acquired from Acclaim Entertainment, and while the company was mum on what the others were, I’m told we should hear more about them soon.

When asked whether they’d consider grabbing D‘s sequel, D2 or its sci-fi spin-off, Enemy Zero, the company had no comment. (Please do it.)


  • Didn’t this have one of those awful hidden time limits that was super unforgiving on PAL consoles. I remember playing the Saturn version.

    • Tehehehe I still have the disks for this floating around somewhere… ah so many extremely vague memories of running out of time because of that stupid time limit.

  • “the game just came out on PC!” … It’s been ‘out on PC’ since the 90s.

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