Deeply Unsettling Horror-Adventure Game Returns

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, the '95 point-and-click adventure based on the sci-fi short story of the same name, is once again available via GOG. It's one of Kotaku's must-play classic PC games, so you might wanna take a look — but prepare to be depressed.


    A quick Google search will score you the Harlan Ellison short story this is based on, it's well worth a read.

    I was actually thinking about buying this after knowing about it for so long and thinking its age would soften its impact on a babyman like myself, but the trailer still made me surprisingly uneasy. A credit to its makers I suppose!

    Ellison is one of the best sci-fi authors ever.
    It's one of my favourite short stories.
    It's a game that's been on my 'to play' list since it sat on the shelf for rental in Video Easy next to Bad Mojo

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