Diablo III Cosplay Is Some Max Gear Attire

Fabricator Djinn has been working on this Diablo III outfit for years now, and the result looks like it was definitely worth the wait/effort. Cosplay by Fabricator Djinn | Photo b Bigwhitebazooka

Cosplay by Fabricator Djinn | Photo by Joseph Chi Lin

It's fitting that Imperius is the greatest warrior in the heavens, because this is some of the greatest Diablo cosplay we've ever seen.

Cosplay by Fabricator Djinn | Photo by Joseph Chi Lin

You can see the outfit come together in progress shots on Djinn's Facebook page.


    Damn.... That's one for the grandkids. I know there's a plethora out there Kotaku but would love to see a series on designing and fabricating these costumes, particularly for those new to the scene.

    not to be that guy, but i must insist..

    unless i'm mistaken, i believe this is Imperius's character from D3 and not actually an obtainable gear/equipment set.

    but it's a damn well realized cosplay set, very regal and glorious in its delivery!

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