A Remastered Final Fantasy XII Is Coming In 2017

Video: Square Enix is calling it Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. Here's the debut trailer.

FFXII was originally released for the PS2 in 2006. Famitsu reports that the HD version, however, will be based on Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System. Besides revamped character models and cutscenes, the game will feature auto-save, shorter load times and an improved turbo mode. The score has been re-recorded, but The Zodiac Age will also feature the original soundtrack.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is slated for a 2017 release in Japan. So far, the game has been announced for the PS4. Square Enix North America has confirmed a Western release, also for 2017.


    It will be so good to play this story again. Still ranks up there as one of the better FF games released before it's time. The PS2 couldn't handle it, between long load times and a disjointed combat queue but the compelling characters, superb voice acting and rather great story of political intrigue still, for me anyway, rank much higher than many entries in the series.

      The PS2 couldn't handle it, between long load times and a disjointed combat queue

      So utterly true. I remember playing it and thinking that exact thought. It looks amazing on the ps4 if that's real footage! I'll definitely be picking it up!

        probably the best example was when tackling entites in the desert (or wherever, desert was the first place I could think of)
        The combat queue would seize up for firaga and so on and you would be promptly destroyed. I believe at least the intention was to allow a more real time combat to occur

        It has redone textures and probably some denser polygon models.

    Just release 15 already!!

      Given September 30 release date, the game will likely go gold(ready for mass production) within 6 weeks. I would daresay the vast majority of the game is complete, and it's in QA now

    In before h8ers. 12 is one of the best

    My favourite FF game. Underrated like crazy and way ahead of its time. I think it's been influential on a lot of JRPG's and it's great to see this coming back. Also, the character models look better than whatever they did to Yuna and Tidus in the FFX remaster.

    All my yes! 12 was definitely my favourite gameplay-wise, though I pretty much ignored the story.

      Missing the best bit then, Rather than following the story of your characters, follow the story of the world. Basch, Ashe and to a lesser extent Cid are the only real major players in the overarching plot so once you move past the fact that you are merely another cog in the machine of plot, the story really starts to shine.

        I'll try again when the remaster is out :)

    Woo! All hail the adventures of Balthier, Airship Han Solo, and all the other ones!

      Fran as Chewbacca. Basch as Obi-Wan, Ashe as Leia, Vaan as Luke, Penelo as C3PO/R2D2. Also starring Bagamnan as Boba Fett, Gabranth as Vader, Vayne as Emperor Palpatine. Reddas as Lando, Vossler as Yoda, Halim Ondore as Mon Mothma.

        Yeah, it's pretty wholesale ripped in parts from Star Wars in the best possible way

        I would say Vaans appeal is more like child Anakin/Jar Jar in likeability

    So what's happening with the VII remake?

      Different project.

      This is like FFIX, X/X-2, and below VI.

      VII is complete rebuild from the ground up, while this is making it work on the PS4 and upscaling the resolution. Different projects, and differing levels of work to be done. For example, the art team on XV and VII could be touching up the resolution on the other big projects while there is little else for them to do at the other game's stage of development.

      Plus, I can play the original VII any time. My PS2 died 2 years ago so I can't replay XII

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    Played quite a bit of IZJS.

    One of the better parts is that the whole treasure chest system has been redone so any chest that can only be opened once will only have one possible result (though they can still have the percentage chance to spawn.)

    My brain forgot how to read roman numerals and told me "Look, your dreams have come true, Final Fantasy 8 is getting remastered."

    One day

    Last edited 07/06/16 1:17 pm

      Until time compression.

        Remember the pre-destination paradox. VIII WILL GET THE REMAKE IT DESERVES

    I really hated this game, so much so that I can't remember remember the name of that kid with the longish black hair.

    I appreciate that my views aren't shared with everyone, but the whole pseudo-MMO thing really sucked the fun out of it.

      It all comes down to this:

      The shift in combat system was a love it or hate it feature, but as a fan of macros, the gambit system was fantastic once I fully unlocked it, because it let me fully automate my party to react the way I wanted to any situation. GETTING the gambit system fully unlocked was a little tedious

        I appreciate that I never really gave XII much of a chance after finishing the main story. I was really, really happy to have finished that much, knowing I'd never want to play ever again, but the whole shift away from taking control of each character is killing any interest I had for FF games, especially when the AI can be so incredibly stupid.

        Take XIII, as another example. When an enemy is doing an AoE, you'd want Hope to have the sense to move out of the way, not stand there like a muppet and eat a faceful of death. There shouldn't even be AoE's in that game, that would make the whole ordeal more tolerable at least.

    Sent out the door to die by releasing it on PS2 at the same freakin' time the PS3 was released. Morons. Glad it'll finally get a chance to stand on its own two feet. Been wanting to play it again for ages thanks to Final Fantasy Record Keeper (an actually GOOD FF mobile game).

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