Final Fantasy XV Will Have A Pause Mode

Final Fantasy XV Will Have A Pause Mode

Good news for old-school Final Fantasy fans who miss turn-based combat: FFXV will offer an option called Wait Mode, letting you freeze time and pick attacks at your own leisure.

Director Hajima Tabata announced the mode during a livestream today, and it should make for welcome news to anyone who likes a slower pace in their RPGs. Hopefully it works well.

I’ll have more on FFXV — including an interview with Tabata — later this week.


  • This isn’t really turn based combat but more real time combat with a pause mode that allows you to give new orders like Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Age. It looks like it could be good because even in the Duscae demo battles could get quite full on with everything in a five mile radius attacking you. Not sure how tactical it will be though, from what I’ve played and seen the game doesn’t really have that much tactical depth other than using the right weapon and blinking out of combat to recover.

  • I’m seriously unsure about this game, the demo was lame and chugged like a bitch plus every combat video looks like an unwieldy and confusing mess.

  • Nope. While the theory sounds good it looks more jarring than anything. Maybe its the lack of music while active??

    The utterly stupid fucking thing about all this is if it wasnt called Final Fantasy I would be hyped as fuck for this. It looks absolutely incredible. I just have to be that annoying douchebag though, complaining about things that dont even matter.

  • Cool. This’ll come in handy during the harder battles.
    Everything I’ve seen, heard & played has impressed me. Can’t wait!

  • If it means you can pause periodically to aim the stupid warp thing properly then I’m all for it.

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