It’s Crazy How Much Work Goes Into A Quality Cosplay Photo

It’s Crazy How Much Work Goes Into A Quality Cosplay Photo

Instead of just posting some images of Rainerone of the best Final Fantasy cosplayers we’ve ever seen — dressed as FFXIII’s Lightning, let’s instead take a look behind the scenes at just how much fire, lighting, rain and smoke can go into a quality cosplay shoot.

Cosplay by Rainer | Photo by Penry Hoh

It’s courtesy of Mezame, a photographer from Singapore who went all out here, using a smoke machine, a custom rainmaker and even a machine that shot fire to help set the scene, all of which you can see in the video below:

Or here, in this 360-degree capture showing the shoot:

The end result? Smoke and rain that’s the real deal, making this one hell of a cool cosplay photo:

Cosplay by Rainer | Photo by Mezame

Cosplay by Rainer | Photo by Mezame

You can see more images from the photoshoot (and read an in-depth report on how it all came together) on Mezame’s page.


    • The sad part? A shit tonne of effort probably did actually go into it.
      Just bad direction, bad allocation and bad leadership lead it into the shitter.

      Any writer/director worth their salt could have done wonders with FFXIII, but from what we’ve seen when it comes to Square Enix JP they’ve lost a lot of their better members…

      • No idea at all.
        “Kotaku is a video game-focused blog and part of Gawker Media’s “Gawker” network of sites”

        • The ‘about’ page on the AU site actually quotes, “Thought-provoking games and comics culture,” too. (Emphasis, mine.)
          As for the name…

          It’s a portmanteau of ‘otaku’ (the Japanese term for ‘obsessive fan’) and ‘ko’ (meaning ‘tiny’). It implies that this is a blog for news bites/blog notes (although the team regularly goes more in-depth and investigative in major feature articles in a pleasing expansion of their initial mission) on things that otaku like to geek out about: games, manga/comics, anime. Not just games. Games tend to be the primary focus, but only one part of what they cover. The fact that the blog’s name is comprised of Japanese words should also be taken to read that it has a strong east-Asian focus. So you should expect to sometimes see articles about what’s popular in Japan right now.

          Long story short, all the other stuff like cosplay, what’s happenign in Japan, anime, comics etc are part of what Kotaku is all about. It’s in the name.

          If non-gaming articles bother you, I strongly recommend you read a different site.
          If you’d like some recommendations:

          * Rock Paper Shotgun is a PC-only focused site, which avoids even touching on console-only titles where possible.

          * Massively Overpowered and BlizzardWatch are sites focusing on MMOs and all Blizzard titles respectively, taking a very similar format to their Joystiq-based predecessors ‘Massively’ and ‘WoW Insider’.

          * Eurogamer is somewhat more ecumenical than RPS or the sons and daughters of Joystiq, focusing primarily on games, but across more platforms.

          * Gamasutra is games-focused as well, but might interest you if you’d like more news and articles from the perspective of the industry rather than the consumer.

          There are many other ‘gaming’ blogs which use gaming as their primary focus, but which also dabble in the extra-curricular interests which might enrage you. Giantbomb, Polygon, The Escapist are all as infected with geek-related comic/tv/movies articles as Kotaku.

  • For fun, I’d like someone to do this for one of those box gundam cosplayers.

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