Final Fantasy Versus XIII Isn't Out, But This Cosplay Is

Where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII? It's right here in video game fandom, that's where.

While Versus XIII was first announced ages ago, the game has yet to see release. During this long wait, the game's inability to hit shops hasn't stopped Final Fantasy fans from cosplaying as characters from the game.

Guess that's a testament to how much fans are anticipating the title!

In the images below, try to suss out which cosplayer did the best job of bringing Versus XIII to life and wonder what's taking Square Enix so darn long to do the same.




















Top picture: MistMana/Zihark-cosplay/rescend


    Who wore it best? I can't really choose. They all seem so good to me :D

    Two sequels to FFXIII that no-one asked for. That's what happened.

    however XIII-2 was surprisingly enjoyable.

    I dont regret buying this game one bit, and now that I have gotten all but one of the hidden endings I am even considering buying some colisseum battle DLCs for the game., and I still haven't caught em all either. Just like how after 15 battles against Omega 13 I still cant summon him into battle since his crystal hasnt appeared

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