Nyko Has Speakers For Your Controllers And Rubber Straps For Your Forearms

Nyko Has Speakers For Your Controllers And Rubber Straps For Your Forearms

If you’re the kind of online player who instantly mutes everybody talking at the beginning of a match, then the Nyko SpeakerCom is probably not for you. Maybe go with virtual reality acupressure arm strap instead. Nyko brings weird things to E3.

The weirdest to me, the $US24.99 ($34) SpeakerCom, might be the most convenient to you. Latching on to either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One standard controllers, the SpeakerCom adds a chat speaker and microphone to the space between your handgrips. Why hide your multiplayer chat with headphones when you can share it with the world? Because it’s horrible? Oh, ok.

Either way, the SpeakerCom will be available this fall, alongside the new Intercooler Grips for PS4 and Xbox One.

Remember the third-party controllers with the built-in fans from several years back? This is basically that, only it attaches to your standard controllers instead of replacing them. Do your hands get sweaty while gaming? Sweat no more by sticking a fan between your grips.

The Intercooler Grips will be shipping this fall for $US19.99 ($27).

Nyko is also getting into the VR accessory market this year with a pair of new products. The VR Guardian, shipping this fall for $US99.99 ($136), creates an electronic boundary area for your virtual reality play. Using Bluetooth technology, the sensors cause the included wrist bands to vibrate when approaching the safe boundary area. It’s like an electric dog fence, just for you.

And then there is this:

Designed to address the unfortunate pesky side effects of prolonged VR headwear use, the VR Motion Bands use an acupressure bead to stimulate the anterior surface of the forearm (a key pressure point) on both wrists to potentially reduce nausea, dizziness, and headaches. By applying pressure on this point, the wristbands help release muscular tension and stress, promote the circulation of blood, and enable the body to relax.

Technology is beautiful. This particular technology is $US9.99 ($14) this fall.


  • $14 for a piece of rubber with a knob in it? I’m surprised they didn’t claim it will help with balance and make you a better gamer.

  • Why would I need an acupuncture bead band when I still have my Power Balance Holographic Wristband? 😛

  • Oh wow… covering the share and options buttons?! That is a big no no… Good luck with sales!!

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