Out Of 720 Pokémon, Pikachu Wasn't Voted Number One

In a general election between all 720 Pokémon in Japan, the winners were announced last night in Tokyo. Greninja came in first, while Pikachu didn't even crack the top three. [GiF images via moa151 | yakinukemin]

According to Oricon Style, a total of 562,386 votes were cast, with Greninja garnering 36,235 of them, making this Pocket Monster the election's most popular choice.

In Japan, the character will be distributed as a free Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire download for theatergoers at this winter's latest Pokémon movie. That might help explain why Greninja edged out Pikachu in this particular popularity contest. Perhaps?

Here are the top five winners:

5. Sylveon

4. Pikachu

3. Mew

2. Arceus

1. Greninja

Here's how the rest of the top 12 looked:

Simisear came in at 720 with the least number of votes.

Poor Simisear.


    The rest I get completely from either one facet or another but honestly, wtf zygarde? I can only conceive of it being a troll pick as between it's design, bst, moveset, skill and situational usefulness, it really has very little going for it.

      I rather like it's design myself. I don't know anything about it's stats or moves tho

      It's gotten a lot of attention in the last few months with it's expanded lore and additional formes.
      Probably caused a massive increase in popularity. After all, who doesn't love Gundam-Zygarde?



      [Does so.]

      Clefairy is #1; not that there was any bias or doubt.



          [Races out of the door to escape Transientmind's rage. Finds myself on the roof top.]

          Heh, Mirror's Edge makes this look easy.


          [Two hours later in the ICU.]

          urrrrk. The games lied to me.......

          [Flat lines.]

          Last edited 09/06/16 10:49 am

    Does that mean Ditto is also number once since it can be any Pokemon. I would of voted for the Substitute pushie as my favourite.

    I'm confused... people actually voted things like Stunfisk above Simisear?
    Just why?

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