PS4 Is Getting A New Spider-Man Game

Video: Today at Sony's E3 Megapalooza, the PlayStation makers announced a PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game from Insomniac, the studio behind Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive.

Yes, please.


    The trailer at the end says "in development for the ps4" so we won't see the game for a long time?

      I'd be pretty shocked if it's not on shelves around July next year at the same time as the new Spidey movie's out. It's not a tie-in, but to not take advantage of the buzz would be crazy.

    It's a wonder considering how big business super hero movies are at the moment that more super hero games haven't been given to reliable studios like Insomniac.

    Wow. The game I didn't even know I wanted.

    Man, I wish I could sit here bitching about, um - FUCKING EVERYTHING - at E3 this year, but the selection of upcoming titles is crazy good! Go you, Sony :-D

    They also said on Twitter it's not a tie-in or anything, stand-alone universe - which I guess explains the suit changes

    I was excited when this was rumoured to be a Sucker Punch game; I think I'm maybe even more excited now I know it's with Insomniac. Can't wait.

      Makes you wonder what Sucker Punch has up its sleeve

        Makes you wonder why Insomniac is doing a licensed game.

        I would've thought they'd be all about their own IPs since they got independent.

          Maybe they just like Spiderman, making your own IP is one thing but sometimes it's nice to tell a story with a character you like.

          Well, their last game was also a movie tie-in ...

          Not really... seems like Insomniac were given an opportunity to do something awesome and they took it. Nothing wrong with a company like Insomniac taking on a licenced game, especially a 'hot property' title like this

    Finally a new game that isnt a tie-in .... although not sure about the white logo on his chest, use to black in the past or red even.

    Web of Shadows is still my favorite one, followed by Shattered Dimensions (the one where it went from past/present/future spider men)

    Last edited 14/06/16 3:35 pm

      Agreed not sure I like the costume, but they could change it or add in some other skins, could get the recent Civil War suit as a Pre-order bonus.

        I'd be incredibly surprised if there isn't a raft of other costumes to unlock

    i really hope this is the beginning of Spidey's Arkham era.

    Well...I guess it's about time I started saving for a neo to accompany my xbone. There's just too much good looking stuff coming out for Sony now, I can't deny it has the edge anymore. I only really stayed with xbox because my bro and some other guys used to game together a lot but that's really in the past now. Much more a single player guy again so gonna have to blow the whistle at the neo I think!

    If it's anything like the Spiderman 2 videogame I'll be so keen for this, which from the looks of the trailer it does.

    Game looks fantastic, maybe I'm going to buy a PS4 after all, they are getting a lot of nice exclusives.

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