Reaper Players Always Have The Best Names In Overwatch

Reaper Players Always Have The Best Names In Overwatch

Reaper’s tryhard edgelording is partially on Blizzard, which has given the character sharp lines such as “DIE, DIE, DIE.” But players who play Reaper also make him seem like a ridiculous character, too. The excellent @reapernames Twitter account collects screenshots of actual Reaper players in the wild, and they all have amazing names. Sometimes, the names are spot-on, and they fit Reaper perfectly. Other times the names are so silly that it’s hard to imagine a Reaper ever referring to himself in that way. This of course only makes Reaper seem that much more hilarious as a character, something that you wouldn’t expect from just looking at his character design. The Overwatch community has basically changed the way I look at the character in-game, and it’s great.

Some examples of good or unexpected Reaper names, via the @reapernames Twitter:

Have you spotted any good Reaper names while playing Overwatch? Feel free to share in the comments, or to send them in to @reapernames as well!


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