Resident Evil 7 Announced

Resident Evil 7 Announced

It's out January 24, 2017. And the whole game is playable from beginning to end with PlayStation VR.

If the official trailer isn't up yet — the conference is still going — here's a little snippet I grabbed from the livestream.


    No thank you.

      Not enough shooting for you?

        Not enough the-opposite-of-purely-and-utterly-terrifying for me.

          Good for you!

            Not if I want to play it it isn't :P

              Well considering you judged the whole game on the (less than) 5 minutes shown at E3, I think its obvious that you don't

              But hey, you got to be "that guy"

                It was a quick quip. I could have phrased it "lol 3scary5me" instead but that's not my style.

                Sorry for offending you and the game you like.

                Last edited 14/06/16 1:47 pm

                  Right - misread.. I thought you were trying to be those cool kids who hate on everything

                Pretty sure he meant the game looked too scary for him (me too, actually), which is a compliment towards a game that is trying to be scary.

                Last edited 14/06/16 2:04 pm

    This game is gonna make me crap my pants - can't wait!

    I thought it looked awesome and was a great reveal.

    Resident Evil..... amazing games that somehow totally lost the plot. Hopefully they can get some of that original awesomness back.

    Anybody else notice the YT video description saying that the demo is available on PSPlus now?

    Anyone who plays this in VR will definitely get permanent psychological damage.

    Making a scary trailer is one thing, being able to execute it over a full game is another. But damn, looked quite chilling.

    Last edited 14/06/16 1:35 pm

    RE lost it when they tried to make the series an action romp instead of a horror survival. Go back to what made RE4 awesome and I'm in.

      Hmmm... to be fair, RE4 was the point where it started down the "action romp" path. It just had killer atmosphere and felt like a living, breathing environment (well, back then).

      Go making it an action romp? Que?

        While RE4 did up the action a bit, it still retained the survival aspect that encouraged clever and quick thinking. RE5 and 6 was just shoot the bad guys and grab the ammo they dropped.

      For me, the series lost its way after RE3.

        Agree. Finished RE4 a few times but it was not survival horror. Tried to play RE5, 2 hours was enough. Haven't even seen RE6 in the flesh.

        But this is the most promising development since!

    Can we add this to the long list of games shoehorned into a franchise?

    After squealing like a little girl and dancing about the room, I'm downloading the demo. I the most excited dude on the planet.

    They saw PT and were like, "Oh yeah, that's how you do it."

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