When Jeff Goldblum Told Us To Stop Playing And Enjoy Life

When Jeff Goldblum Told Us To Stop Playing And Enjoy Life

Or at least those of us who gathered every DNA sample in 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park video game. We scored a very special message from Mr. Goldblum, urging us to "call a member of the opposite sex" and "Get the stink off."

I was watching Jeff Goldblum on a post-Orphan Black episode of the Graham Norton Show earlier this week, when I recalled a grainy motivational video I had seen years ago, but I couldn't remember where I'd see it. Eventually I put it out of my mind, only to have Redditor Thatonesplicer share that very video today, via YouTube's Gamehelper.

What a wonderful feeling, working your way through a not-very-good-at-all game under the spell of collectible compulsion, only to be rewarded by a reminder of how much time I'd just wasted. The folks at DreamWorks Interactive were monsters.

I don't blame you, Mr. Goldblum. At least not for this.


    Monkey Island also told you to turn your computer off and go outside, iirc.

      I think metal gear told us to do that too a couple of times.

    I did what you said Mr. Goldblum. I got up, washed the stink off, called a member of the opposite sex, and now I'm sitting in my room gaming with a stinky member of the opposite sex.

    The thing is that all of the others weren't delivered in a horrific pain inducing Jeff Goldblum style

      This is delivered exactly how I would imagine Dr Ian Malcolm to deliver this message including the wording. He's in freaking character for christ sake, Ian was a prick, that's his whole character, people seem to forget that because he's played by such beloved actor

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