Xbox One Slim Leaks, Will Be 40% Smaller Than Xbox One

Just one day before Microsoft's press conference, an image of the Xbox One Slim (aka Xbox One S) has popped up (h/t NeoGAF).

The Slim, which is code-named Edmonton, will have a 2TB hard drive and be significantly smaller (40%) than the original Xbox One. It will also support 4K video. We believe it will be out in the next couple of months, perhaps in August.

Kotaku first broke news of the Xbox One Slim last month. Microsoft is also working on a more powerful version of their console, codenamed Scorpio, which will be released in late 2017.

More news tomorrow at Microsoft's E3 presser.


    So it's not going to be cheaper than the original xbox?

      Xbox had a recent price drop I guess in anticipation of this new sku.

    Does this mean we get to call it the XBoneS?

      ♫ That splash against my hollow XboneS
      That rocks my soul
      Oh oh, oh oh ♫

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    I'm liking the look of the design, and can't wait to see it in more detail when the real reveal happens. But now that it has 4K Ultra HD Video list as a feature, this must mean its been given an update in internals, right?

    The manufacturers are making q big deal out of 4k video support, but it's entirely meaningless for gaming on these things.

    I'd say the only purpose would be netflix 4k, but then I remember the copper CAN we're stuck with.

    Hopefully this one has an easily upgradeable hdd.

    Yes! Let's all buy this & then the Scorpio!

    Seriously though, this'll be nice if it's the budget version, so you can choose this or a Scorpio. Great fir gamers on a budget.

    Scorpio is still the best Simpsons ep. and I don't care if it's called Ypy Only Move Twice.

      You, you you ypyyyyyyy

        Stand still...

        [Open's the top of @jimu's head like a barrel, drops in 12 Snickers' and closes the lid.]

        Better now?

    Jokes aside, while it is good to see 4K video playback what good is it when a lot of 4K TVs potentially don't have the HDCP 2.2 hardware support required?

    It basically means unless you get the OpenSource Blender movies (Big Buck Bunny or Sintel) or torrents on thumb drive there is no way to play 4K content due to the absence of HDCP 2.2.

      My 4k TV is a 2014 model and received HDCP 2.2 support for one port via firmware update. Anyone who bought a 2015 model without it just didn't do any research at all.

    Want to know what caching options the HDD has.

    The elites are much more responsive with the SSHD's in them.

      I'd rather a 256 or 512gb SSD, I'm just sick of the OS speed which imo the elite doesn't fix enough compared to all my other SSD devices. I wouldn't even consider a hybrid drive for a system OS on a computer, they're rubbish.

        I disgress. I've found they work exceptionally well for consoles. Doesn't do much for the games on them, but they are alot cheaper than an SSD.

    Not much mention of the IR port on the front looks like they are ready to dispose of Kinect

      Also not mentioned is that the power brick is apparently internal too.

    How about instead of a refresh they put some games on the thing

    For somebody that hasn't bought a new generation console as yet I'm tossing up between this one, and the proposed PS 4.5.

    Games wise I generally just play sports / racing titles on console, and would be looking towards 4K functionality for streaming and blu-rays.

    Any recommendations and why?

      I personally have both but prefer Xbox and only use the PS4 for platform exclusives like Until Dawn and Uncharted, and Quantic Dream games like the upcoming Detroit. I'd say it comes down to which exclusives you prefer. For racing games for instance you're looking at Gran Turismo on Playstation vs. Forza on Xbox.

      If you're playing online I feel like Xbox Live is slightly more robust than Playstation Network but now that they charge for online multiplayer Playstation has improved in that regard. You get free games each month if you have a paid subscription to either service and so far the selection of games on Xbox Games with Gold has been better than the selection on Playstion Plus since the launch of the current gen platforms.

      As an Xbox fan and someone who is interested in the Xbox platform exclusives (such as Halo and Gears of War), it was a no brainer for me, but assuming the title selection you're interested in isn't affected by exclusives I'd say the PS4 currently has the edge, especially if you have an interest in VR (which I don't) since there is a VR add-on coming later while Microsoft has no current (known) plans to expand into this area, instead sticking with the Kinect.

      For streaming both platforms have YouTube, Stan and Netflix apps. PS4 also has a Presto app. I think both platforms have a Twitch app but I don't use twitch so I haven't checked it out. Both platforms have blu-ray functionality. I haven't tested the PS4's blu-ray player but since it's Sony tech in a Sony machine I'm going to assume it works at least as well if not better than that of the Xbox One's.

      Im in the same boat as Kermi, PS4 only plays exclusives, Xbox gets everything else. Mostly because I prefer the UI, and when it pulls media center duties as well, thats important.

        I find the xbox unintuitive. It's improved but still difficult to navigate. Part of it might be due to thr xbone was my first xbox and I've been using Sony since childhood. And the playstation 4 is just an evolution of the psp.

      Maybe hold off even longer till the Scorpio gets released.
      If that's too far away, then wait till the Scorpio is announced and benefit from the subsequent price drop.

      I have both consoles and mainly use the xbox because I prefer the controller, UI, the way they're constantly improving the system, I prefer the Games With Gold offerings, backwards compatibility, and I think the exclusives are better and more numerous. Also, getting a pretty severe black eye this gen has really made MS hungry to improve in perception, and in actuality.

      Honestly though... both consoles are much of a much-ness. Games will look prettier on PS4, there's no getting around that. So, ultimately, buy whichever you prefer.

    If smaller = louder, count me out.
    I want 4k, but no SSD and louder fans = no care. The whole thing I like about the original "VCR sized" Xbox is how damned quiet it is, especially when compared to the jet taking off PS4.

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