And The Next No Man's Sky Trailer Is Up A Little Early

It doesn't look like it was supposed to be released quite yet, but the power of the internet has made sure it'll stay up regardless. So to cap off the afternoon, here's a quick look at what fighting in No Man's Sky will be like.

The trailer was uploaded and hastily removed, but some quick-thinking folk managed to save it and reupload it to YouTube nevertheless. I'd expect Sony and Hello Games to officially republish the trailer tomorrow morning in a higher quality.

But for now, you get a 720p look into some more of the fighting elements in No Man's Sky. There's a couple of sidearms I don't remember seeing before, although my main concern about the space combat still remains. But let's watch the trailer first.

So my main worry with the space combat is that while it's advertising "EPIC SPACE BATTLES", there never seems to be a great deal of units or enemies flying around the screen at any one time.

Take the segment from 18 seconds onwards. There's plenty of ships, but hardly any of them are moving. Nothing seems to be responding to the player's cannon fire. The action on the ground looks a lot more lively, though. Those laser spitting robots look like they'll be fun to fight.

Anyway, three weeks. That's how long until NMS launches in Australia. Just three weeks.


    Looks very average to me.

      I have a feeling it's going to get a lot of hate when it comes out because there's so many people out there acting as if it's the gaming Jesus (and they're going to be crushed when it isn't) but it still looks alright to me.
      The art is pretty, lots of space to explore, ships to fly and aliens to find/kill/whatever - and it all looks very smooth. Probably won't be the best game of the year (combat looks average and I'm still expecting the world/creature variety will be rather limited even if they keep saying it isn't) but should keep me entertained for a while.

      Wow what happened to this game. That looked average and boring.

    In 3.3 seconds I am not sure how much of a reaction a capital ship should have to a pip squeak player craft.

    I am looking forward to it but refuse to get hyped, yet I hope to be pleasantly surprised. The maths alone is awesome...

    My take away would be the big ships wouldn't move much they would just wreck you with large amounts of fire power. The little ships would be the ones flying around and chasing you. Reminds me of the X-wing/Tie Fighter games

    idk to be honest in real life if you shoot a an extremely big ship, it will probably do almost do damage or cause any immediate effect lol

      In real life you can shoot space ships?

      In real life, small fighter craft routinely sank massive warships.

      You'd be surprised how much payload you can fit into a missile. it's the whole reason you need interceptors and point defence weapons.

      it's the whole reason the Rebel Alliance was able to take out the deathstar and numerous star destroyers with nothing but snub fighters.

    Looks really boring. But the fighting isn't the reason I'm interested in this. The exploration is the draw for me.

      I don't know about "really" boring. Should be fun to get into a dogfight with a space pirate.

      Still, I agree that fighting doesn't look particularly engaging, and that exploration will be the biggest aspect to the game. Also survival, could work nicely as a survival game. Hence why they've saved that aspect for the last video in the series.

    That release date tho? The end of the video 10.08.16??? okay

      It's just written in the American format, where the month and day are swapped around.

        That's the Australian format though... 10th of August 2016 = 10/08/16 = the date the game is out here (9th in America, 08/09/16 in their format).
        I'm not actually sure what Nickelstone meant :/

        Last edited 20/07/16 7:26 pm

          That would be the British formatting also, which is where the company is based no?

          I also don't get the confusion

    Thats not American format, Americans use M-D-Y. Thats D-M-Y which is what the majority of the world uses.

    Release date being 10th of August 2016.

      My bad, had a slight brain fade when I read the comment. Long day, but yeah, not sure where the confusion was on the date either.

    With this much hype it can't possibly be anything but shit

    Terrible trailer. They managed to make the game look really bad. The devs are really reluctant to show too much of the game - i get the feeling they were pushed into these four pre-release trailers.

    Check this out to restore your hype

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