Australians Can Get A Geforce GTX 1070 For Under $600

Australians Can Get A Geforce GTX 1070 For Under $600
Image: Kotaku

If you’ve been watching all the news and hype around new graphics cards, you might have also been tempted to buy one. After all, who doesn’t like the prospect of playing games in 4K at high frame rates, turning all the options up to maximum? But new GPUs are expensive, especially if you’re after one from NVIDIA. Even their semi-affordable card, the GTX 1070, still costs around several hundred dollars.

Except for this one.

Amazon is currently offering ASUS Geforce GTX 1070 8GB cards for the quite-reasonable price of $US409.99. The important part of all this is that Amazon is more than happy to ship to Australia.

At the point of checkout you can also choose whether you want to pay in Australian dollars or US dollars, with the latter working out to be a little cheaper. You also get a choice of three shipping options, and if you don’t mind waiting between 7-11 business days you can get a GTX 1070 delivered for under $570:

Australians Can Get A Geforce GTX 1070 For Under $600Image: Kotaku

After the currency conversion, that works out to $565.95 (at the time of writing).

If you check AUD for “selected payment currency”, the price is a little higher: $589.89 at the time of writing. That jumps to just over $620 if you pay for AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping, which will get the GTX 1070 to your door in 2-5 business days.

Now if you’re wondering why this is worth bothering with at all, here’s how much it costs to buy a GTX 1070 from an Australian retailer. A StaticICE search shows that the cheapest price right now is $689 from NetPlus in Western Australia, and that’s not for the ASUS model — it’s the low-end Gainward brand.

If you want to buy ASUS’s GTX 1070 from an Australian retailer, it’ll cost you at least $729. And that doesn’t include shipping either, although some retailers may offer a discount or a deal given the amount of money being spent.

Of course, you do take a risk in having electronics shipped overseas. But if you’re going to buy internationally, Amazon is about as reputable as they come. And when you’re saving at least $120, if not more, that’s a pretty tempting deal.


  • Hrm. Well yeah but.
    Yeah ok I got nothin. To the GPU depository!
    edit: Sent a tweet to the seller asking if their 3 year warranty plan covers Aussies. Will update if I hear back
    edit2: Or there’s an EVGA one available for $40au more. Probably worth it with their international warranty.

  • Thats a damn good price right there. I am holding off and waiting for the TItan X details. so I can upgrade my current Titan X to the (not all confusing) Titan X, or a 1080ti depending on what the details are.

    • Suppose to be around $2000 for the Titan X with some sites suggesting if you can wait a few months wait for the 1080ti as it’ll be a bit more a sweet spot when it comes to pricing.

  • Always pay Amazon with USD and let your bank do the forex conversion. Amazon’s exchange rates are designed to skim a bit off the top for themselves (worse than your bank).

    As for the GPU, don’t import it imo. It will be super painful if you need to RMA.

    • Some manufacturers (EVGA) are great with international warranty claims, others (Gigabyte) are not. Never heard much about Asus.

      • I can personally validate that EVGA have an awesome international warranty and RMA process. I got my two EVGA GTX670s from Amazon as it was way cheaper given our $ rate at the time.
        One of them died 3/4 of the way through warranty period. Submitted a RMA to EVGA and after the basic troubleshooting they make you do, they said to ship them the old one and they’d give me a replacement.

        To keep my costs down I went with AusPost’s cheapest International parcel service, which took two weeks, but within 2 hours of the notification that EVGA had received it they had sent off the replacement and it arrived at my door in two days.

        I’ve sworn by EVGA since and in fact just ordered a EVGA GTX 1080 FTW from newegg for $300 less then the cheapest Aus price, including shipping!

      • I know Asus complete products like laptops have international warranty. I always used to buy my Asus netbooks from the US for half the price of AU. No idea on individual hardware components though.

    • Just relating to this, I compared letting Amazon do the conversion with my banks (NAB) conversion fee. The difference is less than $2 so I wouldn’t worry about it. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a bank with no (or cheaper) conversion fees it might be worthwhile.

      Amazon AU price: $625.18
      Amazon US price + conversion fee: $623.81

      Depending on what the currency does between order and the bill hitting your account it could also go either way. Assuming Amazon “lock in” the price once you order if you buy with US dollar if the AU dollar weakens we’re worse off. If on the other hand if strengthens then we’re better off since we’re paying less US dollars and the conversion fee reduces as well.

      Conversely, if you buy in AU dollars it switches. If the AU dollar strengthens we’re actually worse off. If it gets weaker we’re better off.

  • As stated previously (thread recycle) be wary of Warranty as EVGA (IIRC) is the only card to offer international warranty so most of the other manufacturers technically dont have warranty outside the US.

  • I’ve bought my last two GPUs from Amazon, picked up the MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X most recently. Haven’t had any issues with delivery, been a great experience all round.

  • That’s pretty damn good, if you don’t mind the lack of international warranty.

    That’s a solid $160 less than I paid for mine, but that’s what I get for (a) buying a non-reference version with OC and fancy cooler and (b) being impatient.

      • Absolutely. My previous card was an EVGA 780Ti, never had an issue. Great products, great company.

  • Bought my EVGA GTX 1070 ACX 3.0 SC (need to take a breath after that…) from Amazon few weeks ago. Cost plus delivery to my workplace was $610 AUD. Cheapest retail in Australia at the moment is about $779 looking at Static Ice etc. Reason I chose the EVGA was the warranty system, and the fact it’s one of the best 1070’s on the market bar-none at the moment. Was a sad day retiring my old R7970 XFX Black Edition, thing had served me well.

    • Haha i too replaced 7970 with a gtx 1070 (Gigabyte G1 gaming) which I bought 2nd hand for $690. I needed to pay cash for mine but I was seriously considering an evga from Amazon. I’ve heard bad stories about imported Asus cards needing warranty. If you have highly trusted friends/relatives I think it’s worth a shot if they are willing to RMA for you (send to them, RMA and give them the money to send back).

      • I agree, with anything bought online from overseas you take a risk, however EVGA’s international warranty means you deal directly with the manufacturer, not the supplier, so don’t have to worry about trying to get in contact with Amazon in order to get warranty stuff sorted out 😉 Wouldn’t have done it otherwise for such an item. If it weren’t for the warranty, I’m still a firm believer of Australian/local store bought, but the fact we get slugged $779 AUD for the same thing locally means the local suppliers, on this occasion, can get bent.

    • Jeez EVGA go out of their way with confusing names… Just trying to figure out which is the best to buy is a nightmare. From what I can tell, the card with the highest clock speeds is actually their middle priced card at $459US. The cheapest is $439US and is next fastest, and it seems identical (apart from the clocks) to the $499US one (slowest).

      Model – Price – Clocks
      EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0 08G-P4-6276-BR – $459 – 1607/1797
      EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING ACX 3.0 08G-P4-6173-KR – $439 – 1594/1784
      EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING ACX 3.0 08G-P4-6173-KB – $??? – 1594/????
      EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING ACX 3.0 08G-P4-6171-KR – $499 – 1506/1683

      This seems wrong, unless of course Amazon has the product info screwed up…

        • Weird it lost my reply. Yeah that’s the cheapest one, and second fastest. Seems like the best deal, especially since it doesn’t have the superfluous LEDs of the FTW edition.

          Between $500-550 is my sweet spot price/performance wise. So I wish it was $60 cheaper. It’s certainly very tempting though.

          • Has been nothing I’ve thrown at this card so far that it hasn’t shrugged off. BF4 in 1440, Crysis 3, Witcher etc all as per any online review video you can watch.

          • Goddamn! Wait a day to get some questions answered on the EVGA forum and the price jumps by nearly $40US. Still cheaper than AU prices but it’s now around $675 by the time it’s delivered. Guess I won’t be ordering after all 🙁

            Ack! Another day later and it’s up to $499US.

      • Just make sure that under the price it specifies that its actually sold by Amazon. There are a lot of resellers on there with mixed feedback…

    • Yeah, I did the same. Replaced my GTX 970. Bought that from amazon too. Have been running the 1070 for the past week and its a beast. Have been running practically everything I want at max settings 1440p. I set up a custom fan curve and can barely hear it. I have only seen it get to 63 degrees under heaven benchmark too. Really impressive card. Will be a little miffed if Volta releases next year as per the latest rumours though….

    • Good luck trying to RMA/refund anything through them though. Bought a 680ti back in the day from them, turned out to be faulty, 2 faulty *refurbished* cards and 2 months later, demanded refund, took another 3 weeks. Found out the dickhead who was “handling” my issue was fired because he was an incompetent moron. Though I guess 1 persons stupidity shouldn’t be a general reflection of a company as a whole, so I digress, the person I dealt with was a muppet but I haven’t heard anything bad in general 😀

      • Always found PCCG to be very good. Only had to RMA one card and didn’t have any issues outside slow postage because AusPost

  • I want to… but I’m dropping 2k on a pc on monday and if I’m dropping that kind of money, I want to make sure everythings covered by warranty at the one place preferably just incase. Might sound a little bit silly, but I’ve fallen into that trap before when I ordered a motherboard (with 3 year warranty) from overseas :\

    Otherwise, if I wasn’t doing the whole rig and was just after the GPU itself? Hell yes I’d do this!

    • EVGA is a reputable international warranty dealer for their GPU’s. You can go looking around the web and they are pretty easy to deal with.

  • My EVGA 980ti Hybrid has just died and the RMA is going to take over 4 weeks. I’m beyond enraged. Is the 1070 more powerful than the 980ti?

  • “the fact it’s one of the best 1070’s on the market bar-none at the moment” – Gonna have to stop you there. The FTW Gaming version is actually better than the standard ACX 3.0 SC version. I’d actually argue it’s only mid compared to other models on the market. Asus Strix 1070 has 10% higher base & boost clock speeds and that’s before manual overclocking which has been proven better with the triple fan coolers (also found with the Gigabyte Gaming G1). Don’t get me wrong, I do love EVGA cards but to say they are the best on the market is a bit of a stretch.

    • All depends whether you’re gonna overclock and the silicon lottery factor. I have the EVGA SC and with GPU boost and a mild overclock it consistently hits over 2000Mhz. From what I’ve seen most of the other cards on the market are there or thereabouts and the only differentiating factor is thermals. Btw, NVidia have a lock on the voltage so it seems it can’t be manually adjusted. I have tried many different ways. With this in mind it would seem there is an even smaller gap between the different models.

  • Even their semi-affordable card, the GTX 1070, still costs around several hundred dollars.
    Except for this one.
    When did five stop being equal to, or greater than, “several”?

  • I’m more interested in getting a 1060. And not paying the random $100 australia tax on a $300 item

  • Supporting Nvidia is ruining games for gamers don’t buy anything Nvidia because the way it’s going there will be no other gpus left to buy. And Nvidia will be able to price gouge till the cows come home. Watch this video on why supporting Nvidia is bad.

    • Unfortunately a lot of the conclusions he comes to aren’t supported by the data he references.

      Gameworks source code has been available to developers under licence for years, and they’ve begun releasing source for various features for open public access since March (after the video was made).

      Tessellation is a known weak area on AMD cards, much like OpenCL performance is a weak area on Nvidia cards. This is a result of architectural decisions and driver optimisations, and has nothing to do with Gameworks. In each of the cases he cited, the cause of the performance issue was developers, eg. Crysis failed to implement occlusion culling and Witcher 3 left Hairworks tessellation settings at the default demonstration level.

      Zlatan’s comment on Anandtech was half right, in that rendering optimisations during the beta build of patch 1.3 were not enabled. Since the launch of the patch, several sites benchmarked it and the results were largely the same as the original Fallout 4 launch benchmarks, including essentially the same order (albeit with the R9 390 jumping up a rank). All cards from both manufacturers saw performance gains in the 1.3 release patch.

      Nvidia certainly does some unfriendly things from time to time, as does AMD, but the conversation on Gameworks has largely been driven by tribalism and false accusations. Several developers have commented on why AMD cards perform worse or on how AMD is difficult to get in touch with to aid with performance optimisations, but their comments tend to be swept away by confirmation bias.

      As always, people should buy the card that best meets their needs, regardless of brand. If you want to support AMD to try to boost their market share and improve competition, go for it. But don’t fall sucker to emotive narratives that don’t accurately reflect reality, that does nobody any good.

  • 7 days ago, I bought a 1060 from pccasegear for $500 + 30 shipping because it was the only option they were selling so I thought that was all we were getting. Damn it…

  • Not to nitpick but…

    “till costs around several hundred dollars. Except for this one.”

    I am pretty certain the $600 or there about does count as “several hundred dollars” hell I’d say even $400 USD still counts as several hundred dollars 🙂

  • Unfortunately this Asus card has the noisey blower style fan setup – you get what you pay for 🙂

  • The fact I paid almost double this for my GTX 1080 is making me feel a bit sick… ugh. lol

  • Make sure amazon putd the price on it when sending, ordered one and got stuck in us customs because of no price listed on it, then returned to amazom despite me giving ups the receipt. Priority shipping and now have to wait even longer

  • Am I just being dense, when I try to order anything from amazon, it says that it cannot ship to my address :/

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