Four Years On, Kingdoms of Amalur Developer Is Still Fighting Legal Battles

The collapse of Kingdoms of Amalur developer 38 Studios was a drawn-out affair. Actually, it’s still being drawn right now. Just days ago, a four-year investigation into the company concluded with no criminal proceedings by the US state of Rhode Island.

You may remember that Rhode Island poured $US75 million into 38 Studios, owned by US baseball player Curt Schilling. The company subsequently imploded, with little to show for the investment.

Rhode Island of course wasn’t convinced by a simple shrug of the shoulders and so, Rhode Island’s state police decided to take a look into the situation.

Not much has come from the long-term investigation according to Ted Resi, reporting for the state’s local TV station WPRI:

Their eight-page explanation concluded by saying that “the quantity and quality of the evidence of any criminal activity fell short of what would be necessary to prove any allegation beyond a “reasonable doubt and as such the Rules of Professional Conduct precluded even offering a criminal charge for grand jury consideration.”

While government officials may have been tactful about the result, Schilling was more direct:

As with all legal manoeuvrings, there’s still more to come for 38 Studios. As Resi explains, Rhode Island still wants its pound of flesh, as does the SEC:

The decision by state law enforcement not to file criminal charges is separate from two other ongoing legal processes related to 38 Studios: a civil suit filed in 2012 by the state against the architects of the deal, which is set to go to trial this fall; and civil fraud charges filed by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission against the state and some architects of the deal earlier this year.

Guess we’ll check back in four years.

No charges in 38 Studios criminal probe after 4-year investigation [WPRI, via Gamasutra]

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