OK, I really thought I was gonna get to a second day with this one. It was a 3DO game for christ's sake!

Anyway, congrats to noobi who correctly guessed that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Way of the Warrior.

Nice job!

Okay, on to the next one. Although I'm 100% certain you will all guess this within minutes.

Good luck!



      That was my feeling as well. Gonna go Powermonger for the variation though, just in case.

      That was my first thought, but it's not drawn isometrically and I can't actually remember there actually being any volcanoes in Populous.

    Since everybody is going with the usual god games...


    Maybe SimIsle? Remember that gem? Yeah I never understood how to play it :P

    Looks like a tile from a world map of a snes rpg, like... FF6 or Chrono Trigger maybe?

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