Some Japanese Pokemon GO Players Have Bad Manners 

The stereotype is that Japan is clean. That Japanese people are clean. Many people are, but certainly not all, including some of the country's Pokemon GO players. [Image: sanduki]

From a young age, Japanese people are taught to pick up after themselves. Kids in other countries are taught that as well, of course, but in Japan the point is driven home because it's students who clean their classrooms and, yes, even their toilets.

Leaving rubbish anywhere is bad manners. Japan is no exception, but Japanese Twitter users have been calling out Pokemon GO players for their "terrible manners", seeming to take particular offence to the mess and calling it "embarrassing".

One Twitter user asked, "Is this what Japanese morals are like?" Others say that if people don't clean up after themselves, locations will ban Pokemon GO because they don't want to deal with the rubbish.

If only these Pokemon GO players were more like Japanese soccer fans!

People, however, aren't just taking photos and complaining, but some are picking up the rubbish — either theirs or the rubbish of others.

A few children, it seems, even collected rubbish at Setagaya Park in Tokyo:

[Image: Fal Diary]

[Image: Fal Diary]


    It could also be because there are no bins anywhere in Japan. Notice the rubbish is all contained to one area so when the park cleaners come it is easy to pick up. Not like it's just tossed everywhere. Piles of rubbish like this were common all over Japan (Taiwan too) well before Pokemon came out.

      Not to mention some of them are also of bins absolutely packed. It's not so much lack of manners but lack of the facilities in these places for mass-gathererings

      Not to mention Japan seems to have a very high rubbish generating culture, while i was there every item i bought no matter how small, was wrapped in something and then placed in a box, then wrapped again and placed in a bag that was sticky taped shut.

    Bashcraft should be made to translate every tweet he adds to a post before submitting it.

    From all the cigarette butts you'd think there are a lot of japanese people in line for lung cancer. You'd be wrong! In asia smoking is linked to pushing up tuberculosis infection rates.

    When i was in Japan we walked for half a day lugging our rubbish with us because there were NO BINS anywhere!! This also had me impressed at how clean the place was considering.. in Australia its hard for people to use them even when they are 500m apart all over the place. It was only going to be a matter of time before this bit them in the arse.

    Eh, I've seen post of Pokemon players cleaning up graffiti and stuff too.

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