Japanese Clean-Up Manners Are Spreading To Other Soccer Fans

After the Japan vs. Columbia World Cup game, it wasn't only Japanese soccer fans who were cleaning up after themselves. Colombian fans were, too.

Back in 2014, the world really started to notice the tidying up habits of Japanese soccer fans.

Certainly, while there are Japanese people who litter (they're jerks!), folks are taught from a young age to pick up after themselves. For example, grade school kids in Japan clean their own classroom and school, including the toilets, instead of hired help.

Trash bags are even used to cheer on the Japanese team!

As Hachima Kikou notes, other fans are following suit, such as these tidying-up Columbian and Senegalese fans.

The World Cup is on its way to becoming the cleanest sporting event on the planet.


    love all the Japanese that we cant understand :)

      You not we.

        oh yeah i forgot that the majority of Australians (reading this Australian website) are fluent in Japanese! My B!

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