Someone Remade Dark Souls In LittleBigPlanet And It's Perfect

I can't believe how perfect this is.

If you know the opening section of Dark Souls like I — and most fans of the game — do, then prepare for bewilderment.

This is unreal.

It's a recreation of Undead Asylum, a remarkably faithful one, but it's not the layout that amazes me — it's the mechanics. The creator (Death-Smile) has somehow managed to re-imagine the gameplay of Dark Souls and I have no idea how.

Not many people are still thinking about/playing/discussing LittleBigPlanet these days. The world has sorta moved on, which is a shame because it means that this most likely won't receive the attention it deserves but damn. This is just ridiculous.

LBP players can check out the level here



    that's incredibly cool.

    The asylum demon was a bit of a fizzer and you never saw the game's catchphrase since the player didn't die but bloody good overall

    Didn't expect to enjoy that as much as I did. Damn there's some talented people out there

    Very Fucking Cool.
    Thank you Death-Smile, you just made my morning - superb.

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