Tell Us Dammit: Who's Your Favourite Starter Pokemon?

When most people think of the starter Pokemon, they think of the original three. But I want to broaden this to the entire franchise: Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Shuffle, hell, even the card game. Which is really good, by the way.

So you tell us: what's your favourite starter Pokemon?

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Squirtle will always have a place in my heart, but I've got a special affinity for Cyndaquil that I just can't get past. It's so damn cute. And the flames coming out of its back look ten billion times better than Charmander's crappy tail.

That said, Litten looks absurdly cool. It's a fire cat that looks like it was tattooed by the devil. There's no way I'm not starting Sun or Moon with Litten.

What's your favourite?


    Squirtle, there is no other starter.

      There's actually plenty of other starters. If there was only one then this wouldn't be a topic.

        Nope, Squirtle is all... Squirtle is life

      That's a funny way of spelling Bulbasaur.

        That must be in a different language, i was sure it was spelled Charmander
        funny that

      Scientifically proven... Squirtle. Has less weakness and proven advantage against early pokemon, Rock Gym is Squirtles bitch!

        So Squirtle is the starter for people who need to play a children's game on easy.

          I thought Bulbasaur was easy because he would stomp the first gyms. Squirttle Medium (My choice for purely cosmetic reasons) and Charmander was Hard because at end game Charizard was super powerful.

            Oak recommends Bulbasaur to first time trainers.


            Blue version manual, page 15.

    I love Chikorita but actively hate its evolutions.

    If we're talking about the whole evolutionary line I guess it's a tie between the Fennekin line and the Cyndaquil line for me.

    If we're talking the ENTIRE franchise though then it's Eevee no question.

    Cyndaquil. Because it looks like a badass echidna

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    my first and always going to be my fav starter is Charmander.

    There are two answers for this question:

    1) Squirtle


    2) The Wrong Answer

    cc @cracks

    i'm going to take this as talking about their first evolution and nothing further although I still love their later evolutions, this just simplifies the question for me =)

    Kanto: Bulbasaur (I choose Charmander because I prefer Charizard over Venusaur)
    Johto: Cyndaquil (My first Pokemon and I absolutely Love him)
    Hoenn: Treecko (I choose Torchic because I prefer Blaziken over Sceptile)
    Sinnoh: Chimchar (the only one I didn't get to play so this was just based on looks)
    Unova: Snivy (Love this little guy, I have a plush one on my keys)
    Kalos: Fennekin (love foxes and this little guy is too adorable)
    Alola: Litten (seems cool and I like it's attitude)

    Top 3 in no particular order end up being
    Snivy, Fennekin and Cyndaquil

    =) Can't choose out of those 3

    Sorry for the long reply everyone.

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    Cyndaquil, and Bulbasaur tie for me. I stop both at their mid evolutions as I love Ivysaur and Quiulava.

    Squirtle is definitely the overall winner. Becomes a massive war turtle with cannons in its shell. That's gosh darn amazing. Much love to Piplup though, as Empoleon is also boss. Yin and Yang (Espeon and Umbreon) from Colosseum are still rocking through my games as well.

    I have a feeling Rowlet's evolution is going to bring back some Ocarina of Time nostalgia so I'm picking him as a top contender.

    I have a feeling Rowlet's evolution is going to bring back some Ocarina of Time nostalgia so I'm picking him as a top contender.

    Torchic and Charmander are my favourites. love Blaziken and Charizard.
    i did play through with a squirlte and bulbasaur called Bulby. but im a pyro and part of my surname has 'fire' in it, so i naturally picked fire type pokemon and joined team red in pokemon go and own pokemon omega ruby. in the great words of one of my generations greatest role models.

    Picking my favorite starter? Well... That's a tough one. Overall I think it would be Totodile. I mean, just look at him! He's so happy, all of the time! And he's a crocodile, which automatically doubles his awesome factor.

    After Totodile though? Hm. Tough question. Let me pick the best from each region. More often than not though, I tend to lean towards the grass starters.

    Gen 1: Bulbasaur. He's just looks kind of relaxed all the time. That, and he's a weird turtle thing. To this day, turtles are still one of my favorite animals.
    Gen 2: Totodile is kickass, but I think after him I'd go Cyndaquil. The little thing is just so adorable! That, and it spews fire from it's back when basically anything happens.
    Gen 3: Treecko. I know exactly why, and it's entirely because of the anime. Whenever I look at any member of the Treecko line, I automatically think kickass murder lizard.
    Gen 4: Turtwig. Less that I like him in particular, more that I HATE HATE HATE the designs for everyone in the Chimchar and Piplup lines. Seriously, Piplup and Chimchar look so ugly.
    Gen 5: Oshawott. No question. Mostly due to his role in Pokepark 2 where he's like a detective and I find that endlessly adorable/awesome.
    Gen 6: Chespin. I originally liked Froakie more, but then I got Chespin in a new game and he was just way cooler. Not to mention he eventually turns into a juggernaut.
    Gen 7: Popplio, by virtue of looking like the ONLY GOD DAMN POKEMON.

    Though let's be real here. We all want Eevee as our actual starter, right?

    Bulbasaur is love, Bulbasaur is life.

    I really like Tepig, but don't especially like Emboar (he is really ugly). Liked Piplup and Snivy quite a bit too, but I think Charmander had the best evos.

    There is only one answer. Bulbasaur. Nothing else matters.

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