Cartoon Network Gets Everybody Together For A Old School Sidescrolling Brawler

It's Steven Universe meets Adventure Time meets The Amazing World of Gumball meets The Regular Show meets Clarence meets Uncle Grandpa. Basically Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is a whole lot of meeting followed by a whole lot of hitting. The Cartoon Network folks have been publishing some pretty amazing licensed games lately, from the Steven Universe RPG to Pocket Mortys, but their attempts at merging their various properties into one game have rarely come together well. Remember Fusion Fall? How about Punch Time Explosion? Ew.

The latest attempt at marrying Cartoon Network's popular worlds into one game arrives this November on the PlayStation 4. Developed by Magic Pockets, Battle Crashers is a sidescrolling beat-em up in which one to four local players choose between six different Cartoon Network characters (Finn and Jake and Mordecai and Rigby are both single teamed units), fighting against evil shard creatures to restore hope or order or something important to the universe.

It looks nice, aside from the unforgivable lack of playable Ice Bear. I just hope the game channels the wink-wink humour that makes these shows so much fun to watch as adults.


    Hm, I'd rather better BluRay releases of their cartoons. Haven't seen anything for Amazing World of Gumball nor anything for Regular Show since season 2.

    Adventure Time still has coped a bruising; the with the audio track being only stereo and not 5.1 as it is broadcast.

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    Only one of those I have even heard of is Adventure time. I guess must be a generation thing.

      It IS a generation thing, but also a cultural thing. There are certain circles where Gumball and Steven Universe are massive.

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      Stephen Universe's soundtrack is almost exclusively chiptune based (retro video-game style), which has generated a lot of popularity in certain circles. It's alright, but the soundtrack carries it.

    lol, being someone who actually watches most of these shows, they should definitely not be written off. Of course most ppl already know Adventure time. Regular Show is great! 'Got a really 80s sensibility about it and a good show for adults too without being obnoxious about it.
    The Amazing World of Gumball I started watching again, pretty funny has some really random references you wouldnt expect like one episode I was watching the other day had a "Smack My Bitch Up" reference that came outta nowhere.
    Steven Universe is actually really good if you get into it, can be pretty emotional.
    Uncle Grampa though, is just random for random's sake sometimes. Not great.
    Clarence, just seen bits and pieces, and was not too interested.

    But yeah, I know ppl of "Our" generation (I assume most commenters are in their 20s or 30s) have our Samurai Jacks, Dexter's Labs etc, but they're not the be all end all as great as they are. Give some of these a chance and you might find something new to enjoy! Preachy spiel over!

    'The lack of playable Ice Bear'

    Unforgivable indeed!

    "Ice Bear wants to fight evil... with ninja stars..."

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