Civilization 6 Has Changed A Hell Of A Lot

Image: Firaxis/2K

If you haven't played Civilization in a while, heads up: things are changing. A lot.

PC Gamer today posted gameplay of the first 100 turns, and there are an insane amount of changes if you're returning from Civilization 4 or 5. The tech tree has been broken up into two segments: technology and civics. There's more of a push for your surroundings to play an influence in your build order, which is a nice idea.

The introduction of policies is interesting as well. It's all contained in the video below, so check it out.

I'm intrigued to see whether there will be much of a need to adjust your policies a great deal. I can't see why most people wouldn't want to have builders and farmers early on, switching when you need to lower the cost of your army upkeep later on.

The update to movement seems enormous as well. That could be a thing that really pisses people off, especially in multiplayer, since they won't be able to recon their surroundings in the early stages as quickly.

Making something longer for the sake of doing so is almost guaranteed to be divisive, but we'll see how it plays out on October 21 when Civ 6 launches for PC, Mac, Linux and SteamOS.


    Time will tell.... If Civ 4 was on Steam it would of told of hundreds of hours of playtime. Civ V I've clocked only 63 hours. Which for a Civ game is of course nothing. Granted my life has changed a lot in the years since but Civ V didn't seem to grab me as well as Civ 4 did.

      I'm exactly the same. I've probably put 60-80 hours into 5, but compared to 4, that's nothing.

      I think for me, a lot of it was that 5 felt really incomplete at launch and the expansion was as expensive as a new game. I put it aside until the expansion was a reasonable price and just kind of moved on.

        Beyond Earth had the same problem, but to a greater extreme.

          I got Beyond Earth in a Steam Sale (or was it a humble bundle?) and it sits there unplayed, for now. Civ V really had nothing wrong with it as far as I can explain but it didn't have me staying up late. As I alluded to in my previous comment though, being a married man now might inform that opinion so make of that what you will!

        And I've put it as many hours in 5 as I have in 4, so... *shrugs*

          I think I have a little less in 5. Only real negative is lack of Leonard Nimoy.

            Nimoy would have been great but Civ 5 did have William Morgan Sheppard, who was a guest star in a few Star Trek episodes (eg. Ira Graves), among his extensive career.

            Anyway, I loved both Civ 4 and 5. Both were average on release but made infinitely better by their expansions.

      Its worth seeking out the complete edition of Civ 5 which includes all the expansions and new Civs as well as new gameplay which changes the game dramatically (introduction of religion etc.). I picked it up about 6 months ago for 28 dollars from EB games and I had the original Civ 5 from launch so was able to see a huge improvement. Having loved Civ 3 and 4 it took a little while to warm to 5 but it is an amazing game once you get into it a bit.

      See, I entered the series at Civ V due to various reasons and have over 500 hours with it.

      Civ 4 is still an awesome game. 2300 hours on Steam here, and I was playing it for about 3-4 years before I bought it on Steam. Civ 5 has 19 hours.

    I think this Civ is really going to be something new. As a fan of CIV 4 I just hope they keep a lot of micro management. I also love the idea of exploration being much bigger. Cannot wait. Good review.

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