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Firaxis has done a good job of bringing their over-aggressive Ghandhi franchise to smaller screens, but from today, Civilization VI will be available on the iPhone as well.


The official inclusion of Australians to Civilization VI has gone down well, even though Firaxis missed a trick by not including Russell Crowe as a special spy unit. But while most of the Australian "civilisation" is fairly authentic, Australia's indigenous inhabitants are nowhere to be seen.


One of the most annoying issues with Civ 6's AI since launch has been the severity of warmonger penalties. Raise a finger against another Civ ever, even in defence, and you're in trouble for the rest of the game. That's not very fair, so it's getting a fix.


Gandhi's been a notorious arsehole in Sid Meier's Civilization, first as a result of a bug and later because that bug was hilarious. Seeing the leader, a longstanding image of peace and pacifism, threaten players with nuclear weapons is a staple of the franchise. It's not surprising that Gandhi is still an arsehole in Civilization 6, but he's a different kind of arsehole this time around.


Most gamers have had some sort of experience with Civilization over the last two decades. But how often have you asked yourself why certain races were earmarked as a playable race, why others were marked for city states, and why others were barbarians?