Alex Kidman writes for Lifehacker, Kotaku and Gizmodo as a freelance technology writer. He was also Gizmodo Australia’s editor from 2011-2012. Kidman has been a technology editor and reporter for more than 20 years, writing for publications such as Finder, ZDNet, CNET, PC Magazine, the ABC, MacWorld and The Sydney Morning Herald. He is also a frequent contributor on radio ABC Radio and co-hosts a technology podcast, Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News. Alex has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New England and a serious passion for retro gaming. He’s also written a fiction book, which consists of short stories, called Fifty Two. You can follow him on Twitter or find out more about him on his personal website.

  • What Are You Playing This Weekend?

    What Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Fun fact: Saturday in Norwegian is “laurdag”, derived from the word for “bath”. So you should probably have a bath this Saturday, and what’s a bath without a few bubbles? The odds of me going this long without cramming Bubble Bobble, SCIENTIFICALLY the best game ever made into an article were always going to be…

  • Scribbletaku


    In honour of Quibi’s passing, why not have a Scribbletaku in portrait format? OK, that was perhaps the weakest possible segue into the fact that today’s Scribbletaku — again with thanks to the exceptional transientmind — just so happens to be in portrait form. You know, just like Quibi, the mobile streaming service that nobody…