Corporations Are Coming Back To Civilization 6

Corporations Are Coming Back To Civilization 6
Image: Firaxis (YouTube)

Civilization is all about domination, but the modern economic interpretation of dominance — corporations — hasn’t been a part of Civiziliation 6 just yet. Until now.

Developers Firaxis announced that everyone’s favourite agent of capitalism, corporations and monopolies, is being added in the next DLC drop as a new game mode. It’s designed to encourage players to make better use of the entire world map, rather than just dominating and concentrating on one continent or small part.

It’s available as the fifth DLC inclusion in the New Frontier pass, which is cheapest over at Gamebillet right now. Corporations have been in Civ before, but in Civ 6 you start by creating industries around duplicate resources. (In Civ 4, you needed to research Corporation first, then the technology of the specific corporation you wanted to found, a Great Person to start the corporation, and the city needed at least one of that corporation’s desired resources.)

Once a player has got enough of a particular resource, Civ 6‘s new game mode will let you form a corporation. From there, you can create monopolies (maxing out your gold depending on your trade and how much of the market for that resource you control). Your corporations will also be able to make products which you can store alongside your Great Works of art. It’s a bit weird to see a Stock Exchange with a specialist coffee blend wedged in between classic literature and iconic pieces of impressionist art, but hey, this is Civ.

civ 6
Image: Firaxis (YouTube)

Other luxury products you can dominate include diamonds, truffles, amber, sugar, turtles (???), amber, marble, wine and jade. They’re all tradeable items through diplomacy, too, so you can engineer some fun deals to get those sweet economic benefits.

Corporations were a great mechanic in older Civ games — they were introduced in the Beyond the Sword expansion for Civ 4 — because they could help you convert gold into other goods. You could massively juice your production, helping turn a poor early and mid-game into a vastly stronger late-game position. It’s a shame we’re not seeing corporations being added into the main Civilization 6 game mode. But the New Frontier Pass only has one more round of DLC left after this — due out in March — it’s probably about time to look forward to Civilization 7. It’s been five years since Civ 6 shipped, after all.

Beyond corporations, the main addition is the new civilisation – Vietnam. The details of how Vietnam functions won’t be revealed until the full deep-dive into its leader and machinations, although the video did reveal the new leader would be a “fierce warrior” with a “deadly temper”. Based off that, it’s a good bet that Firaxis is talking about Lady Trieu, often coined the Vietnamese Joan of Arc for her leadership in repelling Chinese occupation.

The next DLC, including Vietnam, new districts and the corporations game mode, will launch internationally on January 28. If you haven’t played the base game yet, give it a go! Even playing the older Civ games, or the sci-fi offshoot Beyond Earth, is a ton of fun.


  • Be funny if it causes late-game unhappiness due to rampant centralization of wealth, and overrides your policy and planning decisions thanks to regulatory capture and lobbying.

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