This Week In Games: Couch Civilization

This Week In Games: Couch Civilization

Everyone who’s missed out on nuking Gandhi from a couch? This week’s your time to shine.

The long running Civilization franchise gets its full debut on the PS4 and Xbox One this week, which should be a nice improvement for anyone who wanted to jump in but was a bit wary about grabbing it on the Switch. The bigger console versions should look a lot nicer blown up on the TV. Curiously, PS4 buyers will get an extra two civilisations — Nubia and Khmer/Indonesia — over Xbox One owners. Bit weird, that.

If JRPGs are more your cup of tea, and you like the idea of turtle racing with a bit of kung fu on the side, there’s Shenmue 3. It’s only on PC through the Epic Game Store and PS4 only, and at least one store has already broken street date on the console version. Haven’t seen that in a long while.

Besides that, there’s a Battletech expansion, a Munchkin game, a new Sniper Ghost Warrior title to enjoy, Bubble Bobble 4, the MMO RTS hybrid in Kingdom Under Fire 2, and the very sweet looking Black Future ’88.

Here’s the lineup this week:

  • Bubble Bobble 4 (Switch)
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 (PS4, XBO)
  • Shenmue 3 (PC, PS4)
  • Bouncy Bob 2 (Switch)
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts (PC, XBO, PS4)
  • Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (XBO)
  • Lost Ember (PC)
  • BATTLETECH: Heavy Metal (PC)
  • Munchkin Quacked Quest (PC, XBO, Switch)
  • Football Manager 2020
  • Children of Morta (Switch)
  • Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Mehnir (Switch)
  • Still There (PC, Switch)
  • Automation Empire (PC)
  • Narcos Rise of the Cartels (PC, Switch)
  • Zumba: Burn it Up! (Switch)
  • Black Future ’88 (PC, Switch)
  • Strike Force: War on Terror (Switch)
  • Kingdom Under Fire 2 (PC)
  • Pine (Switch)
  • SoccerDie: Cosmic Cup (Switch)
  • Tiny Gladiators (Switch)

I wonder if Football Manager will get review bombed again this year for its localisations. Anyway, onto the trailers, starting with Black Future ’88.

Apparently there was an Australian release for an Asterix & Obelix animated film this year, too. Animation didn’t look that bad either. In any case, that’s the roster of games this week. Plenty across the indies and the big names to handle.

But do you see anything you like, or still occupied with Pokemon and Jedi Fallen Order? Or something from last month, even?


  • I’ve got Civ 6 on Switch and PC, and to be honest you get over the visual downgrade on Switch pretty quickly. I much prefer playing on Switch, it’s just so chill kicking back on the couch and playing it on controller, though I find it can get pretty visually hectic on the handheld screen. They’ve done a great job of making the UI work for console though.

  • If JRPGs are more your cup of tea, and you like the idea of turtle racing with a bit of kung fu on the side…Thanks, now I want a TMNT RPG. Maybe if DBZ: Kakarot is successful the Turtles might get a look in.

  • I would like to get CIV for PS4 but I have found their marketing for it to be all kinds of weird, other than a few 10sec videos, most of the (apparent) exciting marketing leading up has been explaining the game using the PC version, then being all ‘Pre-order NOW’. (beyond the obvious, why would I ever preorder at all) why on earth would I ever get excited early over a product that they refuse to show in action?!!! Hell last time I checked they didnt even give it out to some youtubers to do some streams to dream up excitement.

    Its not like top secret game full of spoilers or new hush hush features.

    I am truly baffled by their marketing.

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