Dragon Ball Could Be Getting A New Hair Colour

Dragon Ball Could Be Getting A New Hair Colour

Last year, Dragon Ball got a new Super Saiyan hair colour. There might be another new colour revealed this month if rumoured leaks are correct.

[Image: Dragon Ball Wikia]

Warning: This article has spoilers. Well, possible spoilers.

Black Goku might get a transformation in an upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. In English, people are calling this “Super Saiyan Pink”, but according to this Japanese TV anime listing (via Dragon Ball Sokuhou), it’s called “Super Saiyan Rose” (超サイヤ人ロゼ).

[Image: Dragon Ball Sokuhou]

The listing for episode 56, which premieres on August 28, reads, “Black Goku Rematch! Super Saiyan Rose Appears!!” (再戦コクウブラック!超サイヤ人ロゼ登場!!).

[Image: Dragon Ball Sokuhou]

And for yet further proof, this is apparently leaked official art of Goku Black’s Super Saiyan Rose form.

[Image: Dragon Ball Sokuhou]

We should know for sure later this month. Stay tuned.


  • I still wish and if I ever do anything fan-related to DB it’ll be one of my fixes, in that instead of having it go 1, 2, 3, that they had different forms for different purposes, like a red super saiyan would be a power form, then blue could be a defensive form, yellow for speed. It would even help skirt the typical shounen trope of “gotta power up to beat enemy+1”.

  • and then invariably there will be a power level that lords it over all those levels that combines superiority in speed, power and defence. On the bright side, it could mean rainbow hair

  • I find it a little ironic that Toriyama mentioned prior to the BoG release that Saiyans & their forms got a little too convoluted and he was going to do without them, only to introduce a two new forms (SSJG & SSJB) and then follows up with this – albeit one that isn’t exclusive to Saiyans.

    Loving the new series so far though. Once it cleared the movies, it really started to shine. Kaio-Ken x10 SSJB was amazing.

  • looking at those art pieces I sure wish they brought back the all-powerful, super popular character back into the anime. I am of course, talking about…yamcha

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