Gremlin D.Va Is Now Overwatch Canon

Gremlin D.Va, one of Overwatch's most beloved fan creations, is canon now thanks to a new emote on the game's test server. She's got her Doritos, Dew and a custom stream overlay. She's the hero we deserve and need right now. Here's a video, courtesy of Seba:

This is the most overt instance yet of Blizzard directly riffing on the massive fan culture that's sprung up around their game. Blizzard might dream up the characters, but once they're in the wild, they quickly take on lives of their own.

(Thanks, David!)


    Oh man, Phamercy canon next, plz Blizzard!

      Surely Dad76 is next in line. He needs a polo shirt FFS

        He's got the golf victory pose to go with it, too.

      Hrmph! No! This conflicts with my 76/Mercy OverDad/Mom shipping!

        Yes, because shipping a 50 something dead guy with a 37 old doctor isn't gross at all.

        It's ana76, pharmercy, and dva is the adopted gamer trash.

          Hey! That age difference is nothing at those ages. As you get older, age more and more stops being as big a factor. For example, 10yrs of growth and development between 30 and 40 is nowhere near the 10yrs between 10 and 20.

            True, but he still dead. Mercy knew Morrison, not 76. Even when he was alive, he and mercy had major disagreements because he's a warmonger and she's a hippy hippy fairy. He's a much better match to Ana than Mercy.

            Oh a more personal note, no ur rong.

          But that excludes Grandpa Reinhardt!

            Reinhardt was old when 76 was young. He's the great grandpa. to all of them. Even reaper(he really hates the christmas sweaters he gets).

        I used to be that way, but Phamercy is WAY hotter ;-)

    how can it be canon if the game isn't even canon

    It would be sad if that was canon. It's a fun joke but a gross misconception of the reality of pro-gaming in Korea. The fan interpretation is completely whack, she's a StarCraft player. At least the developer interpretation of it is much more sensible (Thank goodness).

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