Honest Trailers Annihilates Batman: The Killing Joke

Honest Trailers Annihilates Batman: The Killing Joke

Out of all the comics featuring the Joker, Batman: The Killing Joke is one of the best and the most controversial. Warner Bros’ recent animated adaptation of The Killing Joke, however, is certainly controversial. But not because it’s good.

Not long after beating the snot of No Man’s Sky, Honest Trailers has taken aim at WB Animation for their adaptation of the comic.

It’s taken a while for The Killing Joke to be turned into a movie. The most recent attempt is the third time its come up for production. The length of the source material has always been a challenge, and then there’s the controversy surrounding the Joker and Barbara Gordon.

But, as Honest Trailers points out, the problem with WB’s adaption is far more basic. It’s poorly delivered and poorly conceived on so, so many levels.

Comics and their publishers have come an awful long away in the last 30 years. Shame The Killing Joke didn’t.


  • It really has horrible. Doesnt really matter though. As long as DC animated can make stuff like Assault on Arkham I can forgive misteps every now and again!

  • Story missteps aside, I was put off the art style the most. The comic was so…VIBRANT. Which made it even more disturbing. This was just washed over and boring.

  • You know…I loved it back in the early nineties WB animation when harley quinn decided to ditch her abusive relationship with Mister J for one with poison ivy. It said it all. But barbra gordon…?
    There is a theory that batman and bruce wayne are surface personalities for bruce wayne the child. To get to him you drop a bad robin in his path. Like all children he takes it home for alfred to patch it up and heal its broken wing and it kills alfred as it escapes thus linking batman’s secret identity to bruce wayne.

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