I Had No Idea Paul Rudd Was In A Super Nintendo Commercial

You know when you watch old movies you loved when you were a kid, and you're like wait... holy shit. That guy from [insert more recent movie here] was in THE GODDAMN GOONIES?

A recent example: Mike from Breaking Bad, the scary bald guy who isn't Walter White, was in Beverly Hills Cop!

I know right?

Anyway, this is all a long-winded way of saying that I watched an old Super Nintendo ad and Paul Rudd was in it. It was weird.

It was weird because he simultaneously looks young, but also the same age. Does that even make sense?

In the trailer he slams the cartridge into the Super Nintendo really aggressively, to the point where I was like, Paul. Mate. Relax. But then when he did it, there was this beautiful explosion of light and it was quite flattering for Paul Rudd. He looks good.

Image: YouTube

Paul is wearing a very long coat because he's playing video games outside at night and it looks pretty cold. He seems to be enjoying himself though.

But then he makes a face like this:

Image: Youtube

Eventually the Super Nintendo is so dazzling that it attracts a crowd.

Image: YouTube

It make sense though. He's playing with power.

Super power.


    Oh wow. Old games ads.

    Tried for a long time, but couldn't find an ad I remember as a boy. It had Mario and Robocop in it. They talked to each other.

    Also remembered one that like this SNES one, showcased a range of N64 stuff. It featured Goldeneye, but the name was bleeped out as the announcer said it?

    I think the earliest one I remember was an Atari one during Agro in the (late 80s?) early 90s.

    Oh wait! That was that one Sega ad with the spaceship.

    No you're old.

      This is the oldest one that I can remember seeing. Catchy jingle! :P


    Paul Rudd looked middle aged as a teenager. I always thought he was a weird fit for this ad, like they were targeting white collar business folk way before mobile made that cool.

    You also need to see the Seth Green nerf ad. He pulled it off because he always looked like a teenager.

    I'm a big fan of the video where Vin Diesel is promoting Street Sharks.


    This made me wanna watch the 'Tim and Eric' Celery Man video....

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