Konami Releasing New Metal Gear Game

Konami isn't going to let the loss of Hideo Kojima stop them from using the Metal Gear licence, announcing today an all-new game in the franchise: Metal Gear Survive.

It's coming in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4, and is described as a "co-op survival game". Apparently it's set straight after the events of MGSV. Here's the debut trailer:

From the press release:

METAL GEAR SURVIVE picks up from the ending of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES, to an alternate timeline caused by unexplained wormholes forming in the sky. Players find themselves on distorted desert landscapes full of massive half-formed structures, living biological threats, and the remains of a once strong military force now litter the landscape.

In a struggle to stay alive on this harsh terrain filled with deadly creatures, soldiers who were previously on Mother Base now must work cooperatively in order to survive. METAL GEAR SURVIVE continues the pedigree of METAL GEAR SOLID V's highly praised gameplay design, with a unique blend of stealth and co-op play mechanics. Players can strategically manage massive threats with the help of 4-player online cooperative play. New weaponry will also be introduced to combat charging creatures and lethal environments as well.

Um...did they make a Resident Evil game by mistake?



      Hey, at least Konami still make Metal Gear Solid games.

      Meanwhile, Capcom won't make a single Mega Man game.

      It's been soo long that I'd settle for a Mega Man pachinko.

    Some kind of frankenstein of Metal Gear's and silent hills's corpses?

    You know that flaming whale from MGSVTPP? Well the Meta Gear franchise and Komani as a whole just jumped it.

    I thought they were a pachinko company now?

      Their pachinko section ended up actually losing money apparently, so they rushed headlong back into gaming and rushed this out lol

        Are you serious. Sweet jesus.

          Yep, end of 2016 saw a financial loss in Pachinko. Hilarious isn't it in its tragic nature?

        Poker machines, pachinko,and mobile games... oh and burning whatever is left of their IPs for a quick buck.

          Pretty much, it's a slash and burn at Konami, all properties must go! lol

    Ho-lee shit. This has got Wunderbarto be the most crass cash in on a existing franchise I've ever seen.

    This is very clearly and obviously another game that was in development for several years, potentially using the fox engine, which was given a last minute decision to slap the metal gear name on because of MGS5's success.

    None of it makes any sense. Zombies? A desert? Motherbase is supposed to be on the ocean - they hardwave it away with a ocean eating spaceship?

    Oof. I didn't think Konami could make their PR any worse.

    There's only one person to blame for this. Hideo Kojima. If he didn't go over budget with MGS5 then Konami wouldn't have fired his ass and he would still be working there making real MGS games.

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      I was going to post to kindly correct your misinformation, but then I saw your name and remembered you are our resident troll, so I'll give you a troll scoring instead.

      8/10, almost got me.

        What trolling? Why else would Konami fire his ass?

          Game turned a profit. It just wasn't enough profit for them.

          Shitty mobile games and panchinko turns much more profit for much less investment.

          Konami are just plain greedy.

    Bit late to the zombie game and at this stage its just rubbing the salt into the wounds dragging the metal gear name into it...
    Will wait for final product for judgement though, Konami still do have some great artists in the studio but direction is lacking

      They do have some great artists, and I don't condemn those people but I do condemn the company itself, its shady practices, the way it treats its employees, not just Kojima and the way it treats its fans. So in essence #fuckonami I won't be buying this that's for sure.

        I am a consumer whore.
        If it looks good, I will still probably buy it, no matter how unethical the company.

        After all, I use a smartphone, too, and those are almost universally produced in unethical-as-fuck misery-plants.

          And quite possibly at unethical misery plants owned by companies that also own the unethical misery plants that make game consoles and PC hardware.

    I hope this bombs so hard that it makes them wish they had used the money to allow Kojima to finish MGS V properly.

    Everybody posting here will buy this.

      Sorry Mate, got left 4 dead already.

      I'm yet to buy any Metal Gear game I can't imagine why I'd start here.

      Nope. I was told I'd 'definitely buy Evolve' and still haven't. Still haven't gotten it since it went F2P. I was told I'd buy every COD game since I own MW1 2 and 3. I still haven't. I was told I would 'definitey buy Dark Souls 3' since I own Bloodborne (well, won in that kotaku comp). Still haven't, because what I tried felt kinda underwhelming.

      I don't buy games that I don't want to, it's all about self control. Add into that fact it's a MGS game without Kojima and there's a definite no.

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      Hah. Posted before I kept reading and saw yours.

      Nah, no way this would release on a Nintendo. Not that I'd buy it even if it did.

        Mate help this blew up I don't know why...

          Flappin yer lips at everyone, telling them what they're gonna do. Shrug emoticon :p

          Pretty much the thoughts of all the Konami executives right about now I would think.

    lol they think using the MGS name in a game that is in no way related to the timeline will make it successful. This will bomb hard.

    People play MGS for Snake not some generic no names fighting zombies.

    Turning MGSV character epic into a generic 4 no-name class based character zombie game with such a lame B grade sci-fi trope as deserted alien dimension is lame... saddest thing the Pachinko machine will have amore story than this.

    Why two years to develop what is just an asset flip of MGS multiplayer? Early access has taught us you can do this with Unity and about $100 in graphics in one weekend at a gam jam.

    In an alien hostile dimension, cut off from resources and haveing to scrouge for essentials... but mysteriously there is a hidden endless supply cache with in arms reach called "microtransactions".

    I'm scared about the people who's first introduction to MGS was number V.
    V opened the series to a lot of people who never played before, and they may see this as the natural progression and buy it. So if all of those people buy it, then all of us who won't touch it not buying it won't send a message to Konami.

      Me! That's me!

      Well. V wasn't my introduction, I did play MGS 2, but found its controls way too clunky to tolerate, and its story to be borderline incomprehensible/camp as fuck, so couldn't really see what the fuss was about. Phantom Pain, however... holy cow did I play the hell out of that.

        Well PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't buy this tripe!

          But this looks RIGHT up my alley. Thinking of it: the research/building parts of MGS V, open world, co-op, and zombies... and if they use the same engine, with its stealth/tagging/exploration/gathering aspects? It looks like it could even be BETTER than MGS V!

          I think I may be the target market for this. It ticks so many boxes for me.

            then all is lost...looks like metal gear is going the way of resident evil...and the rest of us that have been brought on Kojima's original metal gear journey will simply have to part ways now...

    Ahh, wormholes and alternate realities. The common fallback when you want to cash in on a series but have an established narrative and gameplay style.

      I thought that was just a "reboot" :p

        It was a scifi television and movie trope for decades... especially the whole stranded on a desolate planet schlock without resources (but the right amount of resources to survive and win the day.)

    Seriously has the Zombie survival genre just turned into the go to genre for games/companies that have run out of ideas? It's like every major franchise has to have a Zombie spinoff at some point in their lifespan. What's next, Zombie FIFA?

    I've never liked Zombie games at all. I really dont understand the appeal. Half the time they are simply glorified tower defence games where the developers can shove their reject garbage storylines about some biohazard bullshit gone wrong (or in this case some shit about wormholes appearing in the sky moments after Snake leaves so they dont have to pay Kiefer Sutherland to come back). Half the time I wonder if the Zombie designs are just what happens when the 3D modelling software glitches out during a build for another game and they need to somehow use what they spent 15 hours rendering...

      The short answer to your question is YES.

      Zombies are not a protected intellectual property. its easier to create DLC and Content for as zombie models are just tweaks on existing human NPCs in game. AI wise they are also easy since their suppose to be mindless zombies and you dont need variety of scripted scenes just increasing spawn rates on waves. Peopleare forgiving of dumb AI when wrapped on a zombie skin.

        Yeah thats all cool. Just felt like ranting. Just getting old seeing every other franchise pulling the Zombie card out, especially when Im not a fan of the concept in the first place. You do make a good point about IP though. Its easy to overlook the fact because they aren't copyrighted/trademarked its easy to use them.

    My reaction when watching the trailer for the first time:
    Okay, tying it in with existing MGSV, smart move.
    Focussing on a soldier left behind, nice way to start a new branch of the franchise. Again, smart.
    What? Is that a wormhole?
    What? Another universe? What?
    What? Zombies? No, Konami, what are you doing? Konami? STAHP!

    In hindsight, it's not exactly the craziest thing to happen in Metal Gear history, but I am pretty sure we already have enough Left4Dead-style zombie games without having to throw Metal Gear on to the pile of rotting flesh.
    Unless this has a decent single-player mode, I won't be playing this... And even then maybe not...

    Wow. Couldn't even finish the trailer. That was bad. No. Just No.

    Kojima buying pepto bismol by the case to stomach watching this.

    Reminds me of that generic third person beat-em-up with a single novel mechanic. Everyone sure lost their shit over that.

    If after the game has come out it proves to be more than a quick cash in a la Alone in the Dark: Illumination, I'll probably buy it.

    My weetbix caught fire reading that

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