Mega Man In 2.5D Is Cool And Real Weird

Mega Man In 2.5D Is Cool And Real Weird

As it turns out, someone has created an emulator that takes classic NES games and puts them on a 3D-esque plane. Mario with depth. Double Dragon with perspective. More effective shadows in SpyHunter.

But these games weren’t created with depth. And even though Mega Man is now properly compatible with this platform-bending emulator, it feels weird. Real weird.

A member of the emulator community, AstroTibs, recently finished the work necessary for making the original Mega Man compatible with 3DNes. The rendering files are available on, along with a small post about the design and implementation process.

“The Mega Man franchise lends itself well to 3DNes. It’s got a very cartoony but intricate style that benefits from 3D projection that makes characters look like pencil toppers,” AstroTibs wrote.

AstroTibs is planning to make all six of the NES Mega Man games compatible with 3DNes. Judging by the various glitches, it’s going to take a lot of work.

It’s an impressive effort. But the original Mega Man games on a non-2D plane? It’s weird. Especially when the score counter has a shadow of its own.


  • Awesome. I’d be pretty keen to see how an isometric game like Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll or Marble Madness would turn out in this emulator.

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