Quake Champions Still Has Bunnyhopping

In the first gameplay trailer from Quakecon this week, id software finally showed off some gameplay segments of Quake Champions. And if you're concerned that Bethesda was giving Quake too much of a modern touch with all the talk about classes, don't worry: at least bunnyhopping is still there.

The main thing I wanted to see from Quakecon was how much Quake Champions looked like classic Quake. It didn't have to be Quake 3, per se, although that's what sticks out in most people's memory.

And the good news: so far, so good. It looks like a serviceable Quake replacement. Whether Quake Champions is going to fix the problems that have made arena shooters less popular in this day and age is another matter entirely, but for now this will do.

What do you think?


    Looks like fun. More worried about the size of the userbase a week after it releases though. Arena shooters like these don't seem to ever get a long lasting community for very long, at least on the Australian side of things.

      I've noticed that on PC Arena Shooters seem to last quite a while longer than on console, even DOOM 2 still has a massive community online

    Since it was the quirks and tricks/trickshots that separated the boys from the men, im glad to see that they're keeping some of the skill gates still in the game.
    Without them, it'd just be another boring arena shooter.

    Good timing, considering i'm replaying Quake 1+2 at the moment =)

    I may check it out if the specs aren't too high for my mid range Laptop haha

    Please have mod support/ level creator options!

    Looks like everything I'd want from a new Quake Arena game. Good to see some classic maps in the mix too.

    Well, one of the best Quake III: Arena maps, The Campgrounds is back. So, that's a good thing.

    you should check out Reflex for a home grown afps, sure looks like id took notice with that questionable robot design

    The game does not have 'bunnyhopping' as described in this article. That is an archaic term given to the original Quake movement, where you release the forward key and just use air control during turns while jumping to increase speed.

    The movement in Quake Champions contains the following, depending on which champion you want to use:

    - Strafe jumping
    - Crouch sliding
    - Air control (a form of the ancient 'bunnyhopping' from the original Quake)

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